Press Cuttings



The following are scans from files of overseas press cuttings on the Falkland Islands. These are searchable PDF files but it should be noted that due to the darkening of many of the cuttings due to the glue used to fix them to the paper not all pages will be 100% searchable.  As the condition of these cuttings would continue to deteriorate no hard copies have been kept by the Jane Cameron National Archives and any further research will need to be done with the archives of the relevant newspaper.

The earlier cuttings are mainly to do with whaling and the centenary and the later cuttings are mainly to do with sovereignty.

1920s to 1960s

pdf1927 to 1928.pdf(10.97 MB)                             pdf1929.pdf(8.34 MB)                                           pdf1930 to 1933.pdf)11.43 MB)

pdf1934 to 1936.pdf(6.12 MB)                               pdf1944 to 1946.pdf(1.01 MB)                              pdf1968 March to July.pdf(16.29 MB)

pdf1968 September to December.pdf(16.04 MB)


pdf1982 January to March.pdf(22.26 MB)            pdf1982 July.pdf(33.4 MB)                                    pdf1982 August.pdf(24.11 MB)

pdf1983 January.pdf(8.01 MB)                             pdf1983 February.pdf(11.99 MB)                          pdf1983 March.pdf(12.37)MB

pdf1983 April.pdf(21.92 MB)                                 pdf1983 May.pdf(8.52 MB)                                    pdf1983 June.pdf(12.67 MB)

pdf1983 July.pdf(9.2 MB)                                       pdf1983 August.pdf(9.14 MB)                              pdf1983 September.pdf(11.83 MB)

pdf1983 October.pdf(9.24 MB)                              pdf1983 November.pdf(14.2 MB)                         pdf1983 December.pdf(10.38 MB)

pdf1984 January.pdf(11.54 MB)                             pdf1984 February to March.pdf(15.39 MB)         pdf1984 April to May.pdf(14.69 MB)

pdf1984 June to July.pdf(11.53 MB)                      pdf1984 August to September.pdf(22.85 MB)   pdf1984 October.pdf(11.34 MB)

pdf1984 November to December.pdf(23.86 MB)   pdf1985 January to February.pdf(14.16 MB)      pdf1985 March to May.pdf(20.75 MB)

pdf1985 June to September.pdf(28.26 MB)            pdf1985 October to December.pdf(22.17 MB)    pdf1986 January to March.pdf(20.98 MB)

pdf1986 April to June.pdf(18.69 MB)                      pdf1986 July to September.pdf(12.78 MB)         pdf1986 October to December.pdf(17.98 MB)

pdf1987 January to March.pdf(21.77 MB)              pdf1987 April to May.pdf(25.77 MB)                    pdf1987 June to September.pdf(23.66 MB)

pdf1987 October to December.pdf(21.11 MB)       pdf1988 January to Februay.pdf(17.75 MB)         pdf1988 March.pdf(20.24 MB)

pdf1988 April.pdf(10.76 MB)                                     pdf1988 May.pdf(17.73 MB)                                  pdf1988 June.pdf(20.57 MB)

pdf1988 July to August.pdf(20.24 MB)                    pdf1988 September to October.pdf(21.62 MB)




The Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in these records.


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