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A Proclamation dated 31st July 1849 published in the Stanley Gazette, Falkland Islands.

His Excellency the Governor and Commander in chief hereby makes known that the following Regulations will be observed and followed in the sale and license of Rural Lands in East Falkland Island.

  1. The purchaser of any quantity of Rural land not less than 160 acres may obtain a license for depasturing Stock on the surrounding Crown Land, subject to the following conditions.
  2. The district in which such lands may be licensen, shall bye divided into stations having natural boundaries and containing as near as may be the undermentioned areas.
  3. The area of each station between six miles and 24 miles from Stanley shall consist of 6,000 acres; and on any Crown Lands in East Falkland beyond 24 miles from Stanley of 10,000 acres.
  4. The nearest stations shall not be less than six miles distant from Stanley by land.
  5. The holder of every license shall pay to the Colonial Government for the same a rent of Ten pounds per annum payable in advance.
  6. Every such license will in the first instance be leased for the term of twenty years; at the end of which time it may be renewed by the Governor is he thinks fit and no land included in the license to be sold by Government during the continuance of the lease.
  7. All applications to rent stations must be made in writing to the Governor and must set forth a general description of the ground wished to be licensed and of the site of the proposed homestead.
  8. Until by the operations of the Survey Department the land shall be divided into Stations, the boundaries marked out by the individual may be adopted, provided they reasonably fulfill the above mentioned conditions of which the Governor will judge.  [E2; 251]

These files are not a complete representation of settlements on East Falkland Island and are not necessarily a complete history but are intended to give a timeline of some of the more well-known and may be added to from time to time.


pdfBluff Cove and Fitzroy North or West Bluff Cove.pdf(827.96 KB)

pdfDouglas or Howgate Station, Whitingtons Rincon, Piedra Sola, etc.pdf(1.02 MB)

pdfFitzroy, Island Harbour, Kelp Lagoon, Port Pleasant, Mare Harbour and Swan Inlet.pdf(1.29 MB)

pdfJohnsons Harbour or Berkeley Sound Farm, Cow Bay Station, Cape Carysfort, Eagle Point and Volunteer Point Stations.pdf(1.19 MB )

pdfMoody Valley Farm.pdf1.66 MB

pdfMullet Creek.pdf(404.13 KB)

pdfPeninsula or Government Farm.pdf(368.08 KB)

pdfPort Louis North and MacBride Head Stations.pdf(560.91 KB)

pdfPort Louis South or Anson or Green Patch Long Island Sparrow Cove and Port Harriet or Sister.pdf2.02 MB

pdfPort San Carlos or San Carlos North or KC, Smyleys Village, Cape Dolphin, Elephant Beach and Moss Side.pdf(1.01 MB)

pdfSalvador or Gibraltar Station Rincon Grande Cape Bougainville and Cape Frehel.pdf646.93 KB

pdfSan Carlos or San Carlos South Port Sussex Third Corral Bodie Peak.pdf(852.72 KB)

pdfTeal Inlet or Evelyn Station Second Corral and Malo.pdf(1.66 MB)



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