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Davis Street was originally known as Flagstaff Row after the signal flag pole which stood at the top for communicating with Cape Pembroke Lighthouse. The street was renamed Davis Street sometime after 1891, most likely in the early 20th Century, after Captain John DAVIS who is credited with the discovery of the Falkland Islands in his ship the Desire on 14 August 1592.  Callaghan Road was named in honour of J T F CALLAGHAN, Governor from 1876 to 1880.  Kent Road and Glasgow Road were named after HMS Kent and HMS Glasgow in 1933.

  Stanley 1870s

Stanley in the 1870s with the flagstaff just visible at the top of Villiers Street

These files are not a complete representation of buildings past and present on these streets and are not necessarily a complete history but are intended to give a timeline for some of those that have been researched to date and will be added to from time to time.


Callaghan Road

pdf1 Callaghan Road.pdf680.23 KB


Davis Street

pdf24 Davis Street.pdf734.36 KB

pdf26 Flagstaff Road or Davis Street.pdf855.25 KB

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pdf34 Davis Street.pdf473.29 KB

pdf36 Davis Street - Pill House.pdf329.13 KB

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pdf38 Davis Street - The Range Dwelling.pdf799.75 KB

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