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With the outbreak of World War II the Falkland Islands were again seen as being strategic due to their position and were heavily garrisoned against the perceived threat from Japan.  The garrison arrived in 1942 on the troop ships Esperance Bay and Strategist.  With the need to house the 1700 troops a camp was built to the west of Stanley and included HQ, accommodation, field hospital, laundries, butchery, stables and a garrison theatre.



pdf132 Journal - April to August 1944.pdf1.37 MB

pdfThe Gunners Gazette - December 1943 to January 1944.pdf1.33 MB


pdfWAR-W2G-1-1. Suggested garrison.pdf2.29 MB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-2. Suggested garrison - camps for. Sites.pdf1.73 MB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-3. Camp for suggested garrison. Hospital.pdf50.26 KB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-4. Camp for suggested garrison. Light - electric power.pdf85.37 KB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-5. Camp for suggested garrison. Water.pdf40.91 KB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-6. Camp for suggested garrison. Materials.pdf53.63 KB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-7. Camp for suggested garrison. Roads.pdf135.12 KB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-8. Proposed garrison. Money requirements.pdf2.3 MB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-9. Proposed garrison. Food requirements.pdf52.07 KB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-10. Proposed garrison. Welfare. Importation of dogs.pdf144.06 KB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-11. Proposed garrison. Welfare. Entertainments.pdf91.69 KB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-12. Proposed garrison. Billeting. Preliminary arrangements.pdf1.39 MB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-13. Proposed garrison. Billeting. Billeting Appeal Board.pdf412.98 KB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-14. Proposed garrison. Billeting. Complaints.pdf164.43 KB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-15. Proposed garrison. Shipping c.pdf389.53 KB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-16. Requisitioning of government buildings etc for use by Imperial troops.pdf76.08 KB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-17. Building of temporary accommodation in Stanley for messing and storage.pdf63.12 KB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-18. Billeting troops Falkland Islands.pdf87.33 KB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-19. Appointment of Colonel W H Hynes to be Officer Commanding Troops Falkland Islands Dependencies.pdf79.6 KB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-20. Requisitioning of private property by military authorities.pdf950.3 KB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-21. Orders for Treasury guard.pdf339.75 KB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-22. Falkland Islands Force. Protected areas.pdf267.8 KB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-23. Military occupation of crown lands. Agreements.pdf1.28 MB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-24. Imperial troops. Withdrawal of garrison.pdf1.85 MB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-25. Family allowances and allotments.pdf171.78 KB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-26. Military camps in Stanley.pdf4.84 MB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-27. Fleet air arm. Possible requirements in the Falkland Islands.pdf1.22 MB

pdfWAR-W2G-1-28. Government Savings Bank. Suggested method of dealing with deposits for Imperial Troops quartered at Stanley.pdf293.99 KB 



pdfWAR-W2I-1-1. Question of repatriation of enemy alien refugees in war.pdf1.09 MB

pdfWAR-W2I-1-2. Enemy internees. Measures to guard against escape of.pdf140.91 KB

pdfWAR-W2I-1-3. Particulars of persons of German nationality interned in the Colonial Dependencies.pdf847.37 KB

pdfWAR-W2I-1-4. Activities of Mr E J Hamm travelling teacher in the Falkland Islands.pdf14.11 MB

pdfWAR-W2I-1-5. Ordinary seaman Mahr - HMS Baltavia. Activities of.pdf733.24 KB

pdfWAR-W2I-1-6. Enemy subjects landed by His Majestys ships.pdf11.72 MB

pdfWAR-W2I-1-7. Procedure in regard to the detention of aliens.pdf1.49 MB

pdfWAR-W2I-1-8. Procedure for the detention of British subjects or British protected persons.pdf1.15 MB

pdfWAR-W2I-1-9. Disposal of enemy aliens in British territories.pdf440.21 KB



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