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From 1833 to current day the population of the Falkland Islands has always been culturally diverse. With some families now able to claim eight or nine generations the following family files show the origin of some of the early families who lived, worked and often settled in the Falkland Islands.

These files are not a complete representation of families in the Falkland Islands in the 19th century but are those researched by the National Archivist since 2009.

To protect the privacy of people who are still alive some information has been redacted.

Another good source of information on local personalities is “The Dictionary of Falklands Biography” edited by David Tatham ISBN 978-0-9558985 which is now also available online.


pdfADAMS Francis and Elizabeth.pdf(105.58 KB)

pdfADAMS Henry and Ellen.pdf(166.68 KB)

pdfADDERLY Matthew and Mary.pdf(120.01 KB)

pdfADDYMAN Joseph and 1. Rachel 2. Jane.pdf277.09 KB

pdfAITKEN Richard and Christina.pdf(225.77 KB)

pdfALAZIA Joseph and Elisa.pdf888.91 KB

pdfALDRIDGE Thomas and Mary Ann.pdf(817.27 KB)

pdfALLAN John and Emily.pdf340.42 KB

pdfALLAN Robert and Emily.pdf(233.37 KB)

pdfAMOS William and Jane.pdf118.3 KB

pdfANDREWS James and Hannah.pdf(126.28 KB)

pdfANDERSON Alexander and Eliza.pdf395.37 KB

pdfANDERSON James and Mary.pdf1.21 MB

pdfANSON Charles and Mabel.pdf(192.12 KB)

pdfARMSTRONG William and Sarah.pdf(171.14 KB)

pdfASHLEY Frederic and Mary.pdf242.25 KB

pdfASHLEY Frederic and Mary.pdf(119.08 KB)

pdfATKINS Richard and Fanny.pdf482.23 KB

pdfBAILEY Arthur and 1 Christina 2 Maria 3 Elizabeth.pdf1.05 MB

pdfBAILEY John and Mary.pdf(279 KB)

pdfBAILLON Louis and Eliza.pdf(507.67 KB)

pdfBARCLAY David and Janet.pdf150.6 KB

pdfBARNES Arthur and Margaret.pdf(414.77 KB)

pdfBARNES Louis and Violet.pdf200.48 KB

pdfBARTLETT William and Emma.pdf(179.99 KB)

pdfBELCHER Robert and Maria.pdf218.52 KB

pdfBELL Andrew and Mary.pdf(181.71 KB)

pdfBENDER Christophf and Hannah.pdf566.51 KB

pdfBENNETT Arthur and Ethel.pdf1.06 MB

pdfBENNETT Frank and Mary.pdf(119.69 KB)

pdfBENNETT Henry and Annie.pdf412.57 KB

pdfBENNETT William and Isabel.pdf(60.23 KB)

pdfBENNEY William and 1. Ann 2. Jane R2.pdf(550.86 KB)

pdfBENTON Alfred and Emily.pdf(658.17 KB)

pdfBERNTSEN Lars and Georgina.pdf(191.61 KB)

pdfBETHUNE William and Isabella.pdf(149.26 KB)

pdfBETTS John and Margaret.pdf(622.28 KB)

pdfBIGGS James and Margaret.pdf4.84 MB

pdfBINNIE William and Mary.pdf(197.33 KB)

pdfBISHOP Alfred and Hannah.pdf168.91 KB

pdfBLACK or WILLIAMS or HARTE or ANDREWS Janet.pdf337.47 KB

pdfBLACKLEY William and Fanny.pdf(127.24 KB)

pdfBLAKELY Edward and Martha.pdf104.54 KB

pdfBLYTH John and Agnes.pdf(517.02 KB)

pdfBOND Thomas and Jane.pdf125.33 KB

pdfBONNER John and William and Samuel.pdf(263.26 KB)

pdfBOUND William and Margaret.pdf1.31 MB

pdfBOWLES George and Charlotte.pdf(386.49 KB)

pdfBOYER Emile and Elizabeth.pdf206.61 KB

pdfBRAXTON Thomas and Flora.pdf(412.08 KB)

pdfBRIDGES Thomas and Mary.pdf630.59 KB

pdfBROOKES George and Catherine.pdf(58.48 KB)

pdfBROWN Charles and Clara.pdf(124.97 KB)

pdfBROWN Franklin and Elizabeth.pdf(455.29 KB)

pdfBROWN George and Margaret.pdf(51.14 KB)

pdfBROWN James and Agnes.pdf(52.65 KB)

pdfBROWN James and Catharine.pdf(128.62 KB)

pdfBROWN John and Margaret and EVANS Sarah Jane.pdf(52 KB)

pdfBROWN Joseph and Amelia.pdf84.98 KB

pdfBROWNING Benjamin and Susan.pdf1.02 MB

pdfBRUNEL Francisco and 1 Soyla 2 Gregoria.pdf(142.87 KB)

pdfBRUNT Edward and Elizabeth.pdf216.5 KB

pdfBULL James and Jane.pdf132.95 KB

pdfBUNDES Jeff and Emily.pdf374.96 KB

pdfBURNELL Charles and Elizabeth.pdf(173.92 KB)

pdfBURNS Thomas and Emma.pdf227.33 KB

pdfBUSE Franz and Lilian.pdf530.75 KB

pdfBUTLER Joseph and Ann.pdf(277.76 KB)

pdfBYRNE Patrick and Mary.pdf(58.2 KB)

pdfCAMERON John Gibson and Frances.pdf(235.26 KB)

pdfCAMERON John and Jane.pdf(111.57 KB)

pdfCAMPBELL James and Isabella CAMPBELL Robert and Elizabeth.pdf(191.28 KB)

pdfCAMPBELL James McIntosh and Elizabeth.pdf(184.56 KB)

pdfCAMPBELL John Sinclair and Hannah.pdf(133.88 KB)

pdfCAMPBELL Walter and Elizabeth.pdf(114.8 KB)

pdfCANEPA Antonio and Mary.pdf100.37 KB

pdfCAREY Maurice and Catherine.pdf265.04 KB

pdfCAREY Charles and Ellen.pdf(123.4 KB)

pdfCARLYLE Andrew and Mary.pdf(179.07 KB)

pdfCARROLL Hugh and Catherine.pdf102.46 KB

pdfCARTMELL James and Mary Ann.pdf137.94 KB

pdfCARTMELL Robert and Margaret.pdf(441.07 KB)

pdfCASEY John and.pdf(355.08 KB)

pdfCHADWICK Hitchon and Maude.pdf124.65 KB

pdfCHAMORO Abaristo and Maria.pdf(134.98 KB)

pdfCHAPLIN George and Agnes.pdf228.92 KB

pdfCHEEK William and Elizabeth.pdf1001.8 KB

pdfCLAPPERTON William and Emma.pdf105.22 KB

pdfCLARK James and Mabel.pdf365.64 KB

pdfCLARKE George and Hannah.pdf(127.54 KB)

pdfCLARKE George and Margaret.pdf(173.17 KB)

pdfCLASEN Ulrick and 1. Anna 2. Elizabeth.pdf942.38 KB

pdfCLETHEROE George and Elizabeth.pdf(187.16 KB)

pdfCLIFTON Henry and Caroline.pdf(263.8 KB)

pdfCOATS Reuben and Annie.pdf110.91 KB

pdfCOBB Edward and Octavia.pdf524.85 KB

pdfCOLEMAN John and Janet.pdf(128.91 KB)

pdfCOOPER George and Sarah.pdf206.84 KB

pdfCORONEL Felician.pdf(205.43 KB)

pdfCORONEL Manuel.pdf115.98 KB

pdfCOULSON William and 1 Martha 2 Elizabeth.pdf(199.63 KB)

pdfCOUTTS William and Ann.pdf(251.93 KB)

pdfCRAIG David and Elizabeth.pdf(115.41 KB)

pdfCRAIGIE HALKETT Frederick and Edith.pdf145.46 KB

pdfCRIDDLE James and Mary.pdf(54.08 KB)

pdfCRUICKSHANK Charles and Agnes.pdf104.88 KB

pdfCULL Robert and Fannie also CULL Ellen.pdf731.22 KB

pdfCURRAN Edward and Helen, CURRAN Thomas.pdf(441.78 KB)

pdfCUSACK Dennis and Margaret.pdf(218.92 KB)



While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy the Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in these records.

Copyright guide

Copies of government records may be used freely for private research and educational purposes. If material is to be used for commercial publication, exhibition or broadcast the written permission of the Jane Cameron National Archives must first be obtained. Whenever material from the Jane Cameron National Archives is reproduced in any form or in any medium, the user must acknowledge the Jane Cameron National Archives as the source and give all document references. For non-government records it is your responsibility as the user to ensure that copyright is not infringed and any infringement that does occur is your responsibility.