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Also known as The Front Road, Ross Road was named after Sir James Clark ROSS who was in command of HMS Erebus, part of the British Antarctic Expedition 1839 to 1843 and called into the Falkland Islands in 1842. Crozier Place was named after Captain Francis CROZIER, RN, who was in command of HMS Terror in the British Antarctic Expedition.

Ross Road and Crozier Place 1870s Blake album

Part of Ross Road and Crozier Place in the 1870s

These files are not a complete representation of buildings past and present on Ross Road and Crozier Place and are not necessarily a complete history but are intended to give a timeline for some of those that have been researched to date and will be added to from time to time.

Unless stated otherwise buildings are listed in order from West to East.


Crozier Place

pdfCrozier Place - FIC.pdf(1.55 MB)

Reservoir Road

pdfReservoir Road - Admiralty Cottage.pdf(1.39 MB)

Ross Road

pdfRoss Road West and Racecourse Road Dorran Houses or Sulivan Bungalows.pdf1.04 MB

pdfSulivan House.pdf(850.98 KB)

pdfGovernment House (1), The Offices The Quarters.pdf(1.33 MB)

pdfGovernment House (2).pdf(1.05 MB)

pdfGovernment House Jetty.pdf(288.97 KB)

pdfThe Courthouse The Offices The Secretariat.pdf(1.77 MB)

pdfMalvina House.pdf(1.14 MB)

pdfDockyard Cottage later Gilbert House.pdf(929.54 KB)

pdf4 to 10 Ross Road - Police Cottages.pdf(546.29 KB)

pdfTown Hall.pdf(1.46 MB)

pdfGymnasium.pdf(649.54 KB)

pdfGaol and later Police Station.pdf(521.46 KB)

pdfDeanery.pdf(755.05 KB) 

pdfStanley Cottage.pdf(877.29 KB)

pdfMalvina Cottage.pdf877.3 KB  (replaced by Stanley House)

pdfStanley House.pdf1.47 MB

pdfRoss Road - Teja Cottage.pdf(890.88 KB)

pdfExchange Building.pdf(548.88 KB)

pdfChapel of Rest (originally in Cemetery).pdf(698.83 KB)

pdf34 Ross Road Queens Arms; Beach Cottage.pdf(938.1 KB)

pdf37 Ross Road Harbour View House.pdf(419.92 KB)

Ross Road East

pdf3 Ross Road East - Esperance; Esperanza Hotel; Lighthouse Hotel; First and Last Hotel; First and Last Naval Store.pdf708.55 KB

pdf4 Ross Road East - Harbour View.pdf1.15 MB

pdf8 Ross Road East.pdf437.44 KB



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