19th Century Families - S to Z



From 1833 to current day the population of the Falkland Islands has always been culturally diverse. With some families now able to claim eight or nine generations the following family files show the origin of some of the early families who lived, worked and often settled in the Falkland Islands.

These files are not a complete representation of families in the Falkland Islands in the 19th century but are those researched by the National Archivist since 2009.

To protect the privacy of people who are still alive some information has been redacted.

Another good source of information on local personalities is “The Dictionary of Falklands Biography” edited by David Tatham which is now available online.


pdfSALINAS Anacleto and Synpherosa.pdf118.75 KB 

pdfSARNEY James and Annie.pdf(178.85 KB)

pdfSAUNDERS William and Margery SAUNDERS Thomas and Anna.pdf(190.31 KB)

pdfSCOTT Adam and Mary.pdf(166.24 KB)

pdfSCOTT George and Mary.pdf(50.94 KB)

pdfSCOTT Walter and Eliza also SCOTT Charles and Sarah.pdf(181.18 KB)

pdfSCOTT William and Ethel.pdf120.83 KB

pdfSCULLEY John and Mary.pdf(131.6 KB)

pdfSEYMOUR William and Petrona.pdf(52.29 KB)

pdfSHARP Thomas and Jane R2.pdf(377.84 KB)

pdfSHEEHAN Katherine and Honoria.pdf230.29 KB

pdfSHEVLAND James.pdf136.75 KB

pdfSHORT John and Sarah.pdf1.04 MB

pdfSIBBALD John and Matilda.pdf205.66 KB

pdfSIMPSON Alexander and Elizabeth.pdf(112.29 KB)

pdfSIMPSON FAMILY Thomas and Hannah.pdf(233.77 KB)

pdfSIMPSON William and Jessie also SIMPSON Fanny.pdf(122.17 KB)

pdfSIMS Edward and Adelaide.pdf(111.93 KB)

pdfSKILLING Alexander John.pdf491.31 KB

pdfSMALL Albert and Agnes also Hannah married James SMITH.pdf345.91 KB

pdfSMITH James and Elizabeth.pdf319.27 KB

pdfSMITH James and Jessie.pdf(233.65 KB)

pdfSMITH John and Esther.pdf(319.8 KB)

pdfSMITH Peter and Williamina.pdf621.91 KB

pdfSOLLIS Frank and Catherine.pdf(504.34 KB)

pdfSORNSEN Edward and Jane.pdf1.07 MB

pdfSTEELE Frederick and Annie.pdf(50.22 KB)

pdfSTEEL James and Annetta.pdf(132.8 KB)

pdfSTEEL James Currie and 1. Martha 2. Harriet also STEEL John and Jane.pdf(519.15 KB)

pdfSTEVENSEN Ole and Alice.pdf350.06 KB

pdfSTEWART David and Lucy.pdf328.89 KB

pdfSTEWART George and Jane.pdf(446.85 KB)

pdfSTICKNEY FAMILY.pdf(212.6 KB)

pdfSTIRLING James and Margaret.pdf(104.13 KB)

pdfSTOKES William and Ellen.pdf156.73 KB

pdfSUAREZ Claro and Mary.pdf(770.3 KB)

pdfSULLIVAN or OSULLIVAN Daniel and Mabel.pdf(288.62 KB)

pdfSULLY Arthur and Gwladys.pdf(313.25 KB)

pdfSUMMERS John and Mary Ann.pdf1.29 MB

pdfTAYLOR Thomas and Sarah.pdf(110.66 KB)

pdfTHOMPSON or THOMSON George and Margaret also Isabella THOMPSON and John THOMPSON and Joseph THOMPSON.pdf214.49 KB

pdfTHOMPSON William and Frederica.pdf(163.2 KB)

pdfTHOMPSON William and Harriet.pdf(173.86 KB)

pdfTOOLE John and Eliza.pdf130.24 KB

pdfTURNER Isaac and Mary.pdf(512.89 KB)

pdfTURNER Richard and (1) Elizabeth (2) Bridget.pdf(163.75 KB)

pdfVARELA Pedro and Juana.pdf(120.2 KB)

pdfWAGNER Andrew and Elizabeth.pdf111.16 KB

pdfWALBY Maria.pdf131.95 KB

pdfWALLACE John and Janet.pdf141.08 KB

pdfWALSH John and Emily.pdf(119.77 KB)

pdfWALSH Thomas and Mary.pdf(115.15 KB)

pdfWALSH William F and Mary.pdf285.87 KB

pdfWARREN William and Margaret.pdf117.75 KB

pdfWATERSON George and Mabel.pdf(1.04 MB)

pdfWATSON Charles and Jessie.pdf(195.76 KB)

pdfWATSON James and Mary.pdf(947.13 KB)

pdfWATSON Thomas and Isabella.pdf(728.72 KB)

pdfWATTS John and Frances.pdf(209.96 KB)

pdfWEIR David and Josephine.pdf307.67 KB

pdfWEIR John and Ann.pdf110.21 KB

pdfWHAITS Robert and Marion.pdf(275.25 KB)

pdfWHITE Henry and Harriet.pdf(542.87 KB)

pdfWHITLOCK John and Louisa.pdf(314.92 KB)

pdfWHITNEY George and Margaret.pdf274.93 KB

pdfWILKIE William and Rebecca.pdf394.69 KB

pdfWILKINS Edward and Mary.pdf(178.54 KB)

pdfWILKINSON William and Sarah.pdf173.79 KB

pdfWILLIAMS Charles aka GUILHERME Carlos.pdf(182.05 KB)

pdfWILLIAMS Charles Henry and Julia Seckham R.pdf(678.86 KB)

pdfWILLIAMS John and Mary.pdf(427.25 KB)

pdfWILLIS George and Robina.pdf(116.29 KB)

pdfWILLIS John and Fanny.pdf(174.91 KB)

pdfWILMER Bradford and Caroline.pdf(173.45 KB)

pdfWILSON Benjamin and Mary Ann.pdf(218.84 KB)

pdfWILSON Edward and Caroline.pdf(262.74 KB)

pdfWILSON William and Elizabeth.pdf(110.43 KB)

pdfWILSON William J and Elizabeth R.pdf(291.6 KB)

pdfWINTHER Andrew and Rose.pdf(120.66 KB)

pdfWRIGHT Thomas and Helen.pdf100.9 KB

pdfYATES Thomas and Margaret.pdf(127.82 KB)

pdfZAPATA Celestino and 1 Feliciana PEREGRA 2 Loyla FRANCO.pdf98.46 KB



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