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In December 1845 Governor Moody had two wells dug to supply the needs of both the town and shipping; the first to a depth of 16 feet and the second to a depth of 20 feet.  These proved unsuccessful and work commenced in November 1848 on sinking a town well, with a pump fitted, between John Street and Fitzroy Road; roughly to the north of what is now Pump Green on Dean Street. 

Construction of the first reservoir commenced in January 1849.  It was built to ensure a good supply of fresh water to ships visiting Stanley and was located at the bottom of what is now Reservoir Road and fed by a stream which ran down from Magazine Valley.  The lower side of the reservoir was finished by a thick wall faced with brick laid in Roman cement and the upper walls were excavated and the whole reservoir was surrounded by a wooden fence.  A four-inch iron pipe carried water under Ross Road and to a platform at the end of a long jetty and was fitted with cocks and a hose at the end which allowed casks or tanks in ship’s boats to be filled alongside the platform.  A lighter was also converted into a tank, the whole costing £362.

Watering Jetty J E Hamilton Collection

Magazine Valley stream leading down to the Watering Jetty circa 1930 - J E Hamilton Collection, JCNA


Government Files

pdfUTI-FIR-1-1. Stanley Volunteer Fire Brigade. Inventory of property etc 1919.pdf175.55 KB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-2. V A H Biggs Secretary Fire Brigade. Asks regarding the appointment of a superintendent and assistant for the Volunteer Fire Brigade.pdf554.84 KB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-3. Colin E Hockly superintendant. Recommends the re-organising of the fire brigade movement.pdf658.63 KB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-4. Appointment of officers in the Stanley Volunteer Fire Brigade.pdf186.87 KB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-5. Colonial Engineer. Reports fire at Hookers Point.pdf286 KB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-6. Insurance payments to Stanley Fire Brigade 1924. Ordinance No 3 of 1898 Sec 15.pdf1.24 MB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-7. Contribution by insurance companies carrying on business in Stanley to maintenance of fire engine. Section 15 of Ordinance No 3 of 1898.pdf4.53 MB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-8. Superintendent Fire Brigade. Submits report on call to fire at The Quarters.pdf1020.48 KB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-9. Superintendent Fire Brigade. Reports outbreaks of fires in Stanley. 1924.pdf118.31 KB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-10. Stanley Volunteer Fire Brigade Ord No 3 of 1898 Regulations of 11 6 21.pdf7.79 MB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-11. Outbreak of fire in Drury Street on 12th December 1926.pdf1.22 MB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-12. Estate L Williams. Representations regarding efficiency and equipment of the fire brigade.pdf291.17 KB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-13. Outbreak of fire in Drury Street on Sunday the 12th December 1926.pdf347.32 KB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-14. Condition of fire engine and other fire fighting appliances in possession of Stanley Volunteer Fire Brigade.pdf2.28 MB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-15. Use of Government fire extinguishers in the township.pdf1.08 MB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-16. Stanley Fire Brigade.pdf242.31 KB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-17. Removal of fire station and appliances to site on St Marys Walk.pdf119.58 KB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-18. Outbreak of fire at Mr Leslie Hardys house on the night of 6 August 1931.pdf261.66 KB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-19. Stanley Volunteer Fire Brigade.pdf5.89 MB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-20. Post war reorganization of fire fighting services.pdf4.21 MB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-21. Rules of Stanley Volunteer Fire Brigade.pdf115.65 KB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-22. Stanley Fire Brigade. Construction of ramps. Use of old reservoir.pdf877.79 KB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-23. Stanley Volunteer Fire Brigade.pdf4.41 MB

pdfUTI-FIR-1-24. Stanley Volunteer Fire Brigade. Fire fighting equipment.pdf400.92 KB

pdfUTI-FIR-2-1. Presentation of helmets to fire brigade Punta Arenas.pdf510.57 KB

pdfUTI-FIR-2-2. Stanley Town Council. Fire brigade. General.pdf1.31 MB

pdfUTI-FIR-2-3. Fire caution commercial businesses.pdf392.01 KB

pdfUTI-FIR-2-4. Fire brigade.pdf3.88 MB

pdfUTI-FIR-2-5. Stanley Volunteer Fire Brigade.pdf2.61 MB

pdfUTI-FIR-2-6. Stanley Volunteer Fire Brigade.pdf4.62 MB

pdfUTI-FIR-2-7. Fire. 44 Davis Street.pdf1.02 MB

pdfUTI-FIR-2-8. Fires in Stanley and Camp.pdf1.86 MB


pdfR-UTI-FIR-1-3. Fire A pamphlet issued by the Stanley Town Council in co-operation with the Falkland Islands Government.pdf321.18 KB

pdfR-UTI-FIR-1-4. Fire Precautions FB1.pdf54.63 KB

pdfR-UTI-WAT-1-5. Supplementary Report on the Port Stanley Water Supply by A A Smith - April 1977.pdf415.8 KB

pdfR-UTI-FIR-1-6. Fire Extinguishing Fires in the Home FB3.pdf119.92 KB

pdfR-UTI-FIR-1-7. Report on Fire Fighting Services in the Falkland Islands Part 1 - D T Davis - 1977.pdf2.05 MB

pdfR-UTI-FIR-1-8. Report on Fire Fighting Services in the Falkland Islands Part 2 - D T Davis - 1977.pdf3.46 MB

pdfR-UTI-FIR-1-9. Report on Fire Fighting Services in the Falkland Islands Part 3 - D T Davis - 1977.pdf2.52 MB

pdfR-UTI-FIR-1-10. Fire Prevention in the Falkland Islands - G J N Allison - 1988.pdf1.51 MB

pdfR-UTI-FIR-1-11. Review of the Falkland Islands Fire and Rescue Service and Fire Protection in the Falkland Islands - 1997 - Geoffrey Winkworth.pdf 1.1 MB


Power and Light

Government Files

pdfUTI-POW-1-1. Street lighting at nights to be resumed.pdf983.47 KB

pdfUTI-POW-1-2. Street lighting 1920.pdf157.61 KB

pdfUTI-POW-1-3. T P Walker. Complains of lighting in Hebe Street.pdf505.57 KB

pdfUTI-POW-1-4. Erection of new street lamps.pdf637.4 KB

pdfUTI-POW-1-5. Mrs A M Williams. Complaint regarding lighting of Hebe and Philomel Street.pdf746.69 KB

pdfUTI-POW-1-6. Street lighting in Stanley. Correspondence from the Reform League regarding.pdf2.64 MB

pdfUTI-POW-1-7. C W Mathisen. Application to be allowed to establish business for the electric lighting of Stanley.pdf527.92 KB

pdfUTI-POW-1-8. Col Engineer reports interference with street lamps.pdf540.1 KB

pdfUTI-POW-1-9. Respecting possibilities of using wind driven dynamos.pdf878.4 KB

pdfUTI-POW-1-10. Electric light in Govt buildings and quarters. Also street lighting.pdf8.29 MB

pdfUTI-POW-1-11. Proposed replacement of Kitson street lamps by electric light.pdf2 MB

pdfUTI-POW-1-12. Proposed formation of a company to undertake the electric lighting of Stanley.pdf1.1 MB

pdfUTI-POW-1-13. Capt J K Nethercoate. Requests information whether Govt would sanction the formation of a company to operate an electric light plant.pdf373.06 KB

pdfUTI-POW-1-14. F A W Byron. Scheme for the extension of electric lighting in Stanley.pdf871.68 KB

pdfUTI-POW-1-15. Mr W H Luxton requests assistance in the wiring of his electric lighting plant at Chartres.pdf1.06 MB

pdfUTI-POW-1-16. Electric light supply.pdf882.69 KB

pdfUTI-POW-1-17. Extension of electric lighting to Stanley.pdf8.55 MB

pdfUTI-POW-1-18. Falkland Islands Company requests permission to take electric cables from their plant across public roads.pdf670.71 KB

pdfUTI-POW-1-19. Further extension of electric lighting scheme in the town of Stanley in continuation of MP 182-30.pdf5.52 MB

pdfUTI-POW-1-20. Electric lighting scheme. Criticisms as to by Estate Louis Williams.pdf4.01 MB

pdfUTI-POW-1-21. Fault in wiring system of electric light service.pdf356.44 KB

pdfUTI-POW-1-22. Scale of fees for the supply of electric light and power.pdf7.48 MB

pdfUTI-POW-1-23. High Frequency and Direction Finding Wireless Station for naval purposes in the Falkland Islands. Supply of electric power.pdf5.51 MB

pdfUTI-POW-2-1. Provision of additional staff in power house consequent on 24 hours service.pdf641.39 KB

pdfUTI-POW-2-2. Fuel and power supply of Stanley. Future prospects.pdf3.37 MB

pdfUTI-POW-2-3. R L Robson. Suggestions for harnessing tide for power.pdf384.61 KB

pdfUTI-POW-2-4. Power supply Stanley. 2. New power station.pdf5.87 MB

pdfUTI-POW-2-5. Development Scheme. Power supply Stanley.pdf2 MB

pdfUTI-POW-2-6. Large scale generation of electricity by wind power.pdf16.84 MB

pdfUTI-POW-2-7. Old power house and plant. Disposal of.pdf1.81 MB

pdfUTI-POW-2-8. Camp hydro-electric scheme.pdf2.53 MB

pdfUTI-POW-2-9. Electricity supply. Stanley. Murrel River Hydro-electric project.pdf1.68 MB

pdfUTI-POW-2-10. Stanley Town Council. Lights. Includes 0428-E. Electricity supply. Stanley. Street lighting.pdf949.3 KB

pdfUTI-POW-2-11. Electrical department.pdf3.66 MB

pdfUTI-POW-2-12. Stanley B station. New power station technical matters.pdf5.5 MB

pdfUTI-POW-2-13. Items for capital programme 1970-.pdf1.53 MB


pdfR-UTI-POW-1-1. Report upon the hydro-electric and other power resources in the Falkland Islands by Gilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd - 10 June 1955.pdf2.2 MB

pdfR-UTI-POW-1-2. Report on experiment to discover operating characteristics and running costs of an Esse Century oil burning Cooker by E C Gutteridge - 1963.pdf187.92 KB

pdfR-UTI-POW-1-3. Electricity Supply Regulations 1969.pdf231.61 KB

pdfR-UTI-POW-1-4. Falkland Islands. Wind power exploitation. A feasibility study by Cranfield School of Mechanical Engineering Thermal Power Group - November 1982.pdf2.89 MB

pdfR-UTI-POW-1-5. Domestic Energy for the Falkland Islands A Manual for the Residents of the Camp. Prepared for the Falkland Islands Development Corporation by IT Power Ltd - April 1990.pdf4.03 MB

Maps and Plans

pdfMaps and Plans - Power.pdf7.24 MB


Government Files

pdfUTI-WAT-1-1. Imperial Institute. Report on samples of water from the Falkland Islands by the.pdf913.48 KB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-2. Scarcity of water in Stanley.pdf2.32 MB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-3. A A P Neave. Stanley Improvement Scheme water supply. Proposed trial boring.pdf6.57 MB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-4. Colonial Surgeon. Respecting taking of water from Reservoir.pdf643.26 KB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-5. Submission of scheme for water supply in Stanley. Proposed water supply ex spring at Saddle Hill.pdf926.33 KB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-6. Stanley Improvement Scheme. Proposed water supple ex Mile Pond.pdf858.08 KB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-7. Proposed water supply ex Mount William stone run.pdf568.41 KB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-8. Respecting fitting of gauge board at Mount William stone run. Gauge readings.pdf1.09 MB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-9. G Roberts. Forwarding samples of water from Mount William stone run for analysis.pdf910.5 KB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-10. Reservoir.pdf1018.73 KB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-11. Water supply. Area taken over on slope of Mount William for water catchment.pdf1.36 MB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-12. Water supply. Pipe line Mount William.pdf474.73 KB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-13. Stanley Improvement Works water supply. Proposed extra connection of water pipes from north-west corner of reservoir to existing town main.pdf655.84 KB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-14. Stanley Improvement Works water supply. Plan of the town of Stanley showing positions of fire hydrants.pdf1.17 MB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-15. Deflection of course of surface water from under ground reservoir belonging to the Falkland Islands Company.pdf432.21 KB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-16. Government Schoolmaster. Recommends that water be laid on at and lavatory fittings be supplied to Government school.pdf833.86 KB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-17. Discoloration of water supplied from Stanley water works. Question of elimination of.pdf768.28 KB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-18. Estate Louis Williams. Application to lay water pipe across John Street.pdf261.76 KB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-19. Mr W J Hutchinson complains regarding water rates.pdf694.54 KB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-20. Water supply to vessels calling at Stanley.pdf906.14 KB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-21. Repairs to town water main.pdf268.15 KB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-22. Water spring Roberts Spring. Suggested experiment with a view of utilisation of.pdf6.3 MB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-23. Stanley water rate.pdf622.99 KB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-24. Est L Williams express a wish to purchase water from the Public Works Dept.pdf1.11 MB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-25. Stanley water supply elimination of heavy peat content of water delivered through the mains.pdf2.02 MB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-26. Govt officers quarters. Proposed payment of water rate.pdf1.91 MB

pdfUTI-WAT-1-27. Town water catchment area Mount William. Partly burnt out report on.pdf1.05 MB

pdfUTI-WAT-2-1. Water rates 1936 and refund of.pdf1.21 MB

pdfUTI-WAT-2-2. Installation of water in Government buildings etc.pdf347.35 KB

pdfUTI-WAT-2-3. Establishment of a Town Council in Stanley. Water rates.pdf1.18 MB

pdfUTI-WAT-2-4. Stanley water supply.pdf7.64 MB

pdfUTI-WAT-2-5. Stanley water supply. New high level tank.pdf1.16 MB

pdfUTI-WAT-2-6. Stanley water supply.pdf4.68 MB

pdfUTI-WAT-2-7. Stanley water supply.pdf4.28 MB

pdfUTI-WAT-2-8. SFC Subcommittee on financial aspects of Stanley water supply.pdf1.77 MB


pdfR-UTI-WAT-1-1. A report on the water supply for the town of Port Stanley with recommendations for improvement and extension by G Rawlings Pape - 1952.pdf3.96 MB

pdfR-UTI-WAT-1-2. Report upon the hydro-electric and other power resources in the Falkland Islands by Gilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd - 10 June 1955.pdf2.21 MB

pdfR-UTI-WAT-1-3. Falkland Islands A Report on the Stanley Water Supply by M J P Casserly - February 1972.pdf7.75 MB

pdfR-UTI-WAT-1-4. A Report on the Stanley Potable and Fire-fighting Water Supply Systems by A A Smith - March 1977.pdf7.91 MB

pdfR-UTI-WAT-1-5. Supplementary Report on the Port Stanley Water Supply by A A Smith - April 1977.pdf415.8 KB

pdfR-UTI-WAT-1-6. A Report on the Stanley Water Supply includes photos by A A Smith - March 1979.pdf4.67 MB

Maps and Plans

pdfMaps and Plans - Water.pdf32.03 MB


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