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The Stipendiary Magistrate wrote to the Governor 16 February 1846 stating that he “most highly approves of Mr Francis Parry being appointed Chief Constable vice Corporal Watts.”  Francis was appointed chief constable 19 February 1846 and head constable on 2 December 1846.  [C2; 17: E2; 42: E2; 109]  Francis was born in Bermuda circa 1811 and may have first visited the Falkland Islands in January 1834.  By March 1837 he was recorded as a resident.

In a letter dated 15 July 1846 the Stipendiary Magistrate advised the Governor that his recent application to the Secretary of State for a body of constables was approved and requested that from this day Head Constable Parry, Constable Supple and Constable Thomas Hearnden be placed on permanent duty. He also wrote that Constable Parry was busy piloting and building his house and Constable Hearnden was frequently absent from the town as butcher to bring in the beef.  [C2; 182-183]

Ordinance No 3 of 1846, an ordinance to provide for the establishment and regulation of constables, was enacted 27 October 1846 for a period of 2 years, terminating on 1 November 1848. The ordinance also set out the terms and conditions for the jailor.  At this time the temporary jail was attached to the temporary barracks in the dockyard and consisted of a small wooden lock up room.  A proper jail was about to be erected once the rules and regulations were properly sorted.  The ordinance was continued by Ordinance No 4 of 1848.  [E6; Index, 20-28: S1; 36, 114, 118]

Ordinance No 6 the Police Ordinance was passed by the Legislative Council 23 January 1851.  [P1; 3: E2; 211-227]

In 1878 a civilian police force was established consisting of four constables who arrived 20 December 1878 on board the Black Hawk and two local men, who had arrived in 1864 and 1869 as part of a marine detachment.  The constables, John McNiece (chief constable), James Prescott, Brice Leech, Charles McAllister, William Clapperton, Frederick Hardy (1864) and Charles Carey (1869), were sworn in 3 January 1879. [H35; 1]



pdfB29 F19 B18 H35. New police force. Correspondence 12 November 1877 to 3 February 1879.pdf7.33 MB

pdfT1. Agreements of Chief Constable John McNiece Constables Brice Leech James Prescott Charles McAllister and William Clapperton 1878.pdf4.52 MB

pdfT1. Agreements of constables Bradford Wilmer 1883 Charles Brown 1883 and Laurence Newing 1885.pdf2.56 MB

Government Files

pdfDEF-POL-1-1. Chief Constable. No objection to Mr W Atkins continuing to wear his uniform after retirement.pdf162.54 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-2. A Brundell. Application for post of Police Constable.pdf496.23 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-3. Police. Appointment of a Chief Constable and Instructor of the Volunteers and of a Police Constable.pdf217.51 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-4. Vacancies for Chief Constable and Instructor of Volunteers and Police Constable. Impossible at present to fill.pdf204.79 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-5. Prison weekly state sheets. G Karlson and others 1919.pdf2.41 MB

pdfDEF-POL-1-6. Diet scale and mark system for long sentenced prisoners.pdf539.73 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-7. Appointment of Visiting Justices of the Prison 1919-1920.pdf188.97 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-8. Suggests that prisoner Karlsen be placed in charge of Government labourer for working hours instead of in charge of Sergeant of Police.pdf278.67 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-9. Landing of naval rating from HMS Dartmouth for imprisonment in Stanley gaol.pdf306.1 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-10. Prison weekly state sheets 1920.pdf1.17 MB

pdfDEF-POL-1-11. W Atkins. Applies for Police Long Service Medal.pdf148.74 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-12. Report on public danger occasioned by horse belonging to Mr W Hutchinson.pdf681.04 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-13. Reports that Police have applied for summonses against persons appearing at dances in naval uniform.pdf349.82 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-14. Chief Constable. Asks to be supplied with a small quantity of coal for cooking purposes.pdf438.92 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-15. Complaint by the members of the W M S Club that the premises of the club are being watched by the Police.pdf1.53 MB

pdfDEF-POL-1-16. Floggings 1921. Annual return of.pdf193.33 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-17. Capital sentences 1921.pdf152.01 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-18. Chief Constable. Asks for glass porch to be erected in front of gaol.pdf300.02 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-19. Visiting Justices of the Prison 1922 Section 3 of Ordinance No 5 of 1898.pdf117 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-20. J J Lawlor Police Constable. Report on behaviour of on 11 November.pdf301.74 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-21. Police Constable. Suggested selection and appointment of additional. Selection and appointment of M J McMahon.pdf1.76 MB

pdfDEF-POL-1-22. Police station. Suggested alterations to. Housing of Public Bier.pdf967.92 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-23. Complaint by manager of F Is Co regarding inadequacy of police protection of private property.pdf2.44 MB

pdfDEF-POL-1-24. Alleged defective police work.pdf3.77 MB

pdfDEF-POL-1-25. Mr Leslie Hardy. Applies for permission to visit his brother.pdf484.87 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-26. Constable J McMahon reported under influence of drink while on duty.pdf978.2 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-27. Constable J J Lawlor. Mr E G Rowe forwards appreciation of conduct of.pdf353.17 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-28. Complaint against Constable J Lawlor.pdf1.81 MB

pdfDEF-POL-1-29. Reported theft of articles at Great Island.pdf1.4 MB

pdfDEF-POL-1-30. Floggings 1923. Annual return of.pdf138.5 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-31. Capital sentence 1923. Annual return of.pdf147.81 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-32. Police medals.pdf213.47 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-33. Alteration of amounts on cheques issued by the Falkland Islands Coy.pdf3.3 MB

pdfDEF-POL-1-34. Complaint from Mr J Grierson respecting poisoning of poultry.pdf454.51 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-35. W H Vaudin. Respecting breach of gaol regulations by.pdf1.46 MB

pdfDEF-POL-1-36. Repairs and alterations to gaol and chief constables quarters 1925.pdf562.68 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-37. Constable Lawlor seen in a condition apparently under the influence of drink.pdf244.68 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-1. Reported burglary at the improvement works depot.pdf446.53 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-2. Complaint regarding trespassing on the plot of ground known as the Deanery Paddock.pdf709.99 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-3. Respecting slaughter and theft of cow and cutting of fence at the Murrel Settlement.pdf689.98 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-4. Reported malicious slaughter of sheep at Estancia House.pdf866.34 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-5. Representations made by Mr S H Riches regarding his son a prisoner in Stanley Gaol.pdf537.73 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-6. Customs paddock declared a public pound.pdf639.75 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-7. Reports condition of heating apparatus in Stanley Gaol.pdf471.36 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-8. Police uniform. Regulations regarding.pdf588.17 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-9. New police station. Construction of.pdf390.66 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-10. Mr D J OSullivan chief constable. Over indulgence in alcoholic liquor.pdf153 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-11. Assistance given to the police by individuals on night of 16 January 1928.pdf1.42 MB

pdfDEF-POL-2-12. Request that constable be detailed to prevent unauthorised persons from congregating on Falkland Is Companys jetties.pdf567.8 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-13. John D McKay. Expression of thanks and appreciation of chief constables action.pdf217.13 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-14. Tampering with street lamp at Fitzroy Road-Villiers Street corner.pdf265.11 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-15. S Miller junior. Permits exempting certain men from purchasing gun licences for the purpose of destroying geese on Messrs Blake Cos Hill Cove Stn.pdf2.42 MB

pdfDEF-POL-2-16. Edwin H Bound. Applies for permission to visit his son at present undergoing sentence in Stanley Gaol.pdf490.31 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-17. Convict Cyril Bounds.pdf608.38 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-18. Norwegian Consul applies for the release of G K Larsen at present serving short sentence in Stanley Gaol.pdf329.41 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-19. Recommendation that juvenile offenders should be sent to a reformatory or borstal institution in England.pdf832.24 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-20. Instructions regarding the issue of uniforms to constables.pdf155.22 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-21. Repairs etc to interior and exterior of prison.pdf233.52 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-22. Police station. Suggested alterations to. Housing of Public Bier.pdf967.92 KB

pdfDEF-POL-1-23. Complaint by manager of F Is Co regarding inadequacy of police protection of private property.pdf2.44 MB

pdfDEF-POL-2-24. Release of prisoner Oliver Pike.pdf442.6 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-25. Release of prisoner Frederick Bonner.pdf134.69 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-26. Bleaker Island. Falkland Islands Co Ltd forced entry into house owned by.pdf232.05 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-27. Mr D Fleuret asks for an appointment as special constable during the period Constable Swain is performing the duties of Customs Officer.pdf293.34 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-28. Stanley gaol. Release of prisoners.pdf1.13 MB

pdfDEF-POL-2-29. D OSullivan. Application for appointment to a non-commissioned rank in one of the Colonial Police Forces.pdf430.43 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-30. Burglary perpetrated at Falkland Islands Companys millinery store.pdf416.38 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-31. Appointment of special constables.pdf1.4 MB

pdfDEF-POL-2-32. Reported robbery at store at West Fox Bay.pdf1017.54 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-33. Appointment of special constables in the event of emergency.pdf740.26 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-34. Order prohibiting the possession of firearms in the town of Stanley.pdf2.53 MB

pdfDEF-POL-2-35. E G Rowe. Asks for increased police protection in the town of Stanley.pdf243.34 KB

pdfDEF-POL-2-36. Police reports.pdf3.1 MB

pdfDEF-POL-3-1. Police Department. Staff and establishment.pdf1.68 MB

pdfDEF-POL-3-2. Police and Prisons Department. Staff list.pdf92.78 KB

pdfDEF-POL-3-3. Police and prisons department.pdf3.34 MB

pdfDEF-POL-3-4. Police force. Complaints against.pdf381.56 KB

pdfDEF-POL-3-5. Police provision of transport for.pdf1.81 MB


pdfR-DEF-POL-1-1. Notes and Instructions on Police Duties - possibly circa 1899.pdf1.94 MB



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