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The following files are miscellaneous records and general government World War I files.


Miscellaneous Records

pdfWWI - Events up to and after Battle of Falklands Nov-Dec 1914 - G17.pdf8.35 MB

pdfWWI - Death of Volunteers at Canache 1 Dec 1914.pdf3.48 MB

pdfWWI - Account of Battle of Falklands Manager FIC - FIC-D12.pdf1 MB

pdfWWI - Battle of Falklands - account from HMS Cornwall.pdf2.48 MB

pdfWWI - People who fought people who died and people who served etc.pdf64.25 KB

pdfWWI - Prisoners of War.pdf458.01 KB


Government Files

pdfWAR-WW1-1-1. Naval situation October 1914.pdf96.36 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-2. Legislation for controlling the transfer of British ships to neutral nations during the continuance of the War.pdf101.64 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-3. Felton Mrs. Present of plate to and her two maids for services rendered by them to British Squadron.pdf144.53 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-4. Prisoners of War. Forms of information.pdf409.41 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-5. Inquires stock of Welsh coal and lubricating oils.pdf111.9 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-6. Warning to British born masters of British ships proceeding to England.pdf226.45 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-7. Admiralty claim re arrangement for care of wounded in naval battle off the Falkland Islands.pdf139.87 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-8. War loan. Investing moneys in the new.pdf94.32 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-9. Contraband of War. Cotton to be treated as absolute.pdf61.31 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-10. Collier transport Germanic left Sierra Leone for Port Stanley.pdf51.97 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-11. Colliers Neilrose Germanic Wathfield Darnholme Intapa. Orders respecting.pdf2.31 MB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-12. His Majesty the King. Message from.pdf181.55 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-13. Prohibition of warlike and other stores.pdf258.09 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-14. Collier Gwladys.pdf196.05 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-15. Collier Gorsemore. Arrival in Stanley of the.pdf350.88 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-16. Sale of photographic postcards illustrating sinking of the Dresden off Juan Fernandez.pdf624.87 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-17. Messrs Boothroyd and Matravers. Cost of passages of.pdf267.97 KB 

pdfWAR-WW1-1-18. Intaba. Reporting arrival of.pdf417.37 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-19. Imperial war loan. Arrangements for contribution from certain Colonies.pdf206.58 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-20. Enemy property in United Kingdom. Specimens of forms used for collecting information respecting.pdf278.97 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-21. Precautions to be taken against possible attack by German cruiser Raider.pdf61.24 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-22. PSNC steamer Orissa. Mails and passengers landed safely.pdf178.02 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-23. Photinia. Arrival in Stanley of collier. Departure Orbita.pdf265.8 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-24. Wathfield. Orders respecting.pdf149.72 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-25. Two cruisers and one collier sighted off Lafonia Point.pdf969.44 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-26. Exportation and importation of sugar during 1915. Only 3 quarters of amount available this year.pdf126.87 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-27. German cruiser Dresden. Postcards of. Sale allowed.pdf125.82 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-28. Collier Exmouth. Orders for. Collier British Transport. Orders for. Collier Gibralter. Arrival of.pdf398.17 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-29. Lord Kitchener and Staff. Drowning of in the sinking of HMS Hampshire.pdf213.85 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-30. Press messages and war warning messages to merchant vessels. Issue from Falkland Islands of.pdf364.16 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-31. Economic conference of the Allies. Expression of views on the commercial and industrial policy to be adopted after the war.pdf140.58 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-32. Contribution towards cost of war and gift of aeroplane.pdf166.3 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-33. Number of officers in Government service who have joined British or French army of navy. Number of officers of military age.pdf86.2 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-34. Enemy raider description of and instructions regarding.pdf129.49 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-35. Military expenditure 1916.pdf60.01 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-36. Message from H M the King to his sailors and soldiers.pdf193.44 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-37. War instructions for British merchant ships.pdf49.3 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-38. Correspondence of German prisoner Captain Krause.pdf532.62 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-39. Conveys the Kings thanks for message of loyalty and congratulations sent by Governor on signing of Armistice.pdf166.25 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-40. Governor. Requests public not to indulge in premature celebrations of peace.pdf60.99 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-41. Rear Ad A T HUNT. Announces assumption of command of naval forces South America Station.pdf73.86 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-42. Payment of war bonus to Government servants 1919.pdf235.21 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-43. Germans agree to sign Peace Treaty unconditionally.pdf69.61 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-44. Signature of Peace Treaty.pdf79.87 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-45. Message from HM the King on the signature of Peace Treaty.pdf84.84 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-46. Peace celebrations to take place on 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th August 1919.pdf82.15 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-47. Royal proclamation regarding signing and ratification of Peace Treaty.pdf75.54 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-48. Message of thanks from Secretary of State to members of civil service.pdf259.79 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-49. Presentation to Falkland Islands of German war trophies.pdf169.97 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-50. Photographs of surrender of Dresden.pdf171.25 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-51. Report that a Mr Curtzes sheep station in South Argentina might serve as German base.pdf115.57 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-52. HMS Invincible Fund. Subscriptions to fund.pdf397.4 KB

pdfWAR-WW1-1-53. Mr Sidney Goss. Correspondence regarding Disability Pension.pdf1.55 MB



While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy the Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in these records.

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