Medals and Honours



Whether in wars, for courageous rescues or for services rendered, many residents of the Falkland Islands and their Dependencies have distinguished themselves over the years and were rewarded with medals and certificates.


Sergeant William Quianlan FI Volunteers Instructor Sergeant William Quianlan, FI Volunteers Instructor - Luxton Collection, JCNA

Government Files

The following files cover war medals, humane medals, long service medals, services rendered, etc. There may be other information on medals and honours under DEFENCE AND WAR.

pdfPPL-MED-1-1. Secretary of State. Forwards Royal Warrants issued to Mrs R S Felton Captain T N Goddard and Mr G M Smith as Officer and Members of the Order if the British Empire.pdf117.42 KB

pdfPPL-MED-1-2. Issue of war medals to the mercantile marine.pdf307.4 KB

pdfPPL-MED-1-3. Issue of war medals to the mercantile marine with revised notice.pdf1.71 MB

pdfPPL-MED-1-4. Birthday Honours 1928. CMG conferred upon Dr J Hope Reford.pdf402.2 KB

pdfPPL-MED-1-5. List of persons appointed to the OBE for services rendered in the Colony.pdf248.56 KB

pdfPPL-MED-1-6. Rescue of Mr J G Rowlands from drowning by Mr I B Steen.pdf2.04 MB

pdfPPL-MED-1-7. The Colonial Police and Fire Brigades long service medal.pdf2.52 MB

pdfPPL-MED-1-8. Issue of Civil War medals.pdf144.89 KB

pdfPPL-MED-1-9. Decorations. Award of African Star and 1939-43 Star. Award of Emblem to denote mentions in despatches and institution of wound stripes and chevrons for war services.pdf10.06 MB

pdfPPL-MED-1-10. Cap badges Colonial units.pdf1.5 MB

pdfPPL-MED-1-11. War medals.pdf6.85 MB

pdfPPL-MED-1-12. Honours. Royal Humane Society - recommendations.pdf2.94 MB

pdfPPL-MED-1-13. Honours. Open general correspondence.pdf3.44 MB

pdfPPL-MED-1-14. Honours. Open general correspondence.pdf2.73 MB

pdfPPL-MED-2-1. Honours. Open General Correspondence.pdf1.21 MB

pdfPPL-MED-2-2. Honours. Open general correspondence.pdf5.72 MB

pdfPPL-MED-2-3. Colonial Constabulary Medals and Colonial Fire Brigade.pdf2.79 MB

pdfPPL-MED-2-4. Colonial Constabulary Medals and Colonial Fire Brigade.pdf725.16 KB



The following were first published in the Falkland Islands Journal and have since been updated.  Copyright belongs to Dr Stephen Palmer.

pdfSection 1. World War I.pdf70.6 KB

pdfSection 2. FIDF World War II Defence Medal recipients.pdf103.08 KB

pdfSection 3. A listing of Honours Awards and Decorations for the Falkland Islands and South Georgia 1918 to present 327 recipients.pdf364.76 KB

pdfSection 4. South Atlantic 1982 medal some with Rosette issued to members of the FIDF and to civilian personnel 33 recipients.pdf91.74 KB

pdfSection 5. World War II medals to issued members of the whaling community on South Georgia who manned defensive guns on South Georgia - some of whom were members of the FIDF 12 recipients.pdf64.12 KB

pdfSection 6. World War II Campaign medals issued to Falkland Island Colonial Domiciled Seamen 45 recipients.pdf84.93 KB

pdfSection 7. Other Awards 11 recipients.pdf65.35 KB

pdfSection 9. FIDF recipients of Queens Golden Jubilee medal 32 recipients.pdf57.01 KB

pdfSection 11. Fire and Rescue recipients of Queens Platinum Jubilee medal 25 recipients - plus 1 Life Saving Commendation.pdf66.33 KB

pdfSection 12. Multi Service recipients of Queens Platinum Jubilee medal 40 recipients.pdf50.01 KB

pdfSection 13. Multi Service recipients of King s Coronation Medal 76 recipients.pdf69.82 KB



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