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The Penguin News was started by Graham Bound and produced in a roneod/Gestetner format at varying intervals and in varying sizes in the early years. From July 1988 it was produced in a proper printed format and the Falkland Islands Government took over Graham Bound’s interest in the paper.

The March 1989 issue announced the government takeover of the paper. The Penguin News at that point was a wholly owned subsidiary of Seamount Limited which was wound up by FIG who put forward a rescue package for the paper and set up The Media Trust to administer an annual grant to cover running costs. In October 1989 a four page general election special was issued and from November 1989 the Penguin News was published regularly.

The paper covers mainly local topics with the inclusion of international news that affects the Falkland Islands.

NB: Numbering is not always consecutive. 

From 2011 the Penguin News can be accessed by subscription on their website.

Period Covered: 3 October 1979 to Current Day. Status: Complete


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NB: The following issues contain a lot of colour pages but have been scanned in grayscale to reduce file size.  Full colour scans will not be provided by the JCNA so those people wanting colour copies of any pages need to contact the Penguin News directly.

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