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 Wedding of Albert Small and Agnes Pitaluga

Wedding of Agnes Pitaluga and Albert Small 22 December 1908 - Luxton Collection, JCNA

Births and Marriages

Government Files

pdfPPL-BIR-1-1. Percy Noel. Requests copy of certificate of birth of Elizabeth Hilton.pdf290.16 KB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-2. Applications for Governors marriage licences - 1919.pdf1.55 MB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-3. Applications for Governors marriage licences - 1920.pdf1.89 MB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-4. Applications for Governors marriage licences - 1921.pdf2.14 MB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-5. Application by W H Clement Roy Cove to act as Registrar for purpose of performing a marriage ceremony.pdf621.25 KB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-6. Governors marriage licences 1922.pdf2.18 MB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-7. Governors marriage licences. Applications for 1923.pdf1.2 MB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-8. Mr F A Gleadell. Enquires regarding divorce proceedings.pdf159.8 KB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-9. British Vice-Consul Punta Arenas forwards copies of birth certificates for handing to Mr Benjamin Davis.pdf229.09 KB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-10. Governors marriage licences. Applications for 1924.pdf2.43 MB 

pdfPPL-BIR-1-11. J Williams. Enquiry for birth certificates for Arthur and Oliver Whitlock.pdf542.97 KB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-12. Applications for Governors marriage licences 1925.pdf3.05 MB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-13. Gustav A S BRAGG. Forwards marriage and birth certificates to be legalised by the Chilean Consul.pdf692.96 KB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-14. Application for Governors marriage licences 1926.pdf1.62 MB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-15. Mr Clarence Meridith Trevor Williams. Request that copy of his birth certificate should be forwarded to the British Vice Consul at Santiago.pdf496.52 KB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-16. The marriage ordinance 1902. Non-compliance with the provisions of.pdf288.46 KB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-17. Minimum age of marriage and age of consent inside and outside marriage in the Colonies Protectorates and Mandated Territories.pdf328.63 KB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-18. A W Grundy. Requests to be supplied with copy of birth certificate of wife nee Edith Mary Bailey.pdf310.9 KB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-19. Mrs Ethel Whitlock Scott Magallanes Chile. Seeks advice in the matter of divorce.pdf497.91 KB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-20. Acting Consul General Buenos Aires. Request copy of entry of birth of Annie Luisa Wagner etc.pdf730.49 KB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-21. Verification of the birth of A-G Gunner Bradfield AS and others.pdf378.84 KB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-22. Applications for Governors marriage licences.pdf4.59 MB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-23. Mr C V Woodforde-Booth HBM consul Punta Arenas enquires regarding possibility of marriage in Falkland Islands by proxy.pdf305.59 KB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-24. Application for Governors marriage licences.pdf6.41 MB

pdfPPL-BIR-1-25. Application for Governors marriage licences.pdf7.22 MB


Government Files

pdfPPL-DTH-1-1. Death certificate of late Mrs Barnes sometime inmate of Monte Video Lunatic Asylum.pdf148.38 KB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-2. Assistant Colonial Surgeon. Reports death of William Finlayson late patient in KEM Hospital.pdf187.49 KB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-3. Inquiry into the death of Mr Arthur Hardy.pdf5.54 MB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-4. James Marron Col Surgeon reports decease of.pdf502.64 KB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-5. Mr Frank Rawson. Respecting the death of.pdf768.36 KB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-6. Mr Edward Robson. Letter from Assistant Col Surgeon reporting death of.pdf189.54 KB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-7. Mr Aleck Pearson. Reporting death of.pdf209.99 KB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-8. Donald J McAskill. Respecting Coroners inquest on body of.pdf426.14 KB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-9. Mr John Howard Goss. Enquiry into death of.pdf794.96 KB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-10. R C Pole-Evans. Reports death of passenger Neil McQueen on board Falkland at Port Howard.pdf114.94 KB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-11. Death of Mr Alex Greenshields.pdf172.38 KB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-12. J Robertson. Reported death by drowning of Harry Ring 2nd Engineer MV Bellville.pdf1.61 MB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-13. Mr Donald McDonald of Darwin EF. Enquiry held by Mr T G Slaughter JP into circumstances attending the death of.pdf934.17 KB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-14. Death by drowning of Robert George Barnes. Jurys rider recommending personto examine cutters and dinghies.pdf977.39 KB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-15. Death of Mr Fred Berntsen.pdf114.46 KB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-16. Death of Captain Carlsen ss Fleurus.pdf781.53 KB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-17. Representations made by Mr W J Allan as to the proceedings at the Coroners inquest on the late William McPherson.pdf2.21 MB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-18. Finding of the body of Robert Gonzales in Govt dockyard.pdf263.16 KB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-19. Death by drowning of Arnold Henricksen. Death of John McLeod.pdf635.28 KB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-20. Henry Bell. Forwards the ashes of Mrs Jessie L Bell for handing over to Mr Henry Clifton.pdf334.26 KB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-21. Particulars of death of Mr W Siney late chief steward ss Philomel.pdf174.33 KB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-22. Suicide of Arthur William Hall at White Rock Port Howard.pdf230.04 KB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-23. Death of Mr Robert Adam Thomas Smith on Jason Island.pdf192.83 KB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-24. William Smith. John Richard Ashley.pdf1.05 MB

pdfPPL-DTH-1-25. Accident on East Jetty.pdf780.3 KB


Government Files

pdfPPL-EST-1. Intestate estate ledger.pdf27.47 MB 

pdfPPL-EST-2. Intestate estates journal of claims.pdf4.9 MB


While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy the Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in these records.

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