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The presence of whales off South Georgia was first reported by Captain James Cook, RN, who sighted and took possession of the Island in 1775.  Captain James Colnet, RN, who had served with Captain Cook, sailed north-west of South Georgia in 1793-94 and confirmed his report of the enormous number of whales, especially black whales.  Captain Fabian von Bellinghausen, a Russian naval officer, visited South Georgia in 1819 and met British whalers there. 

The first whaling station on South Georgia was founded on 16 November 1904 by Carl Anton Larsen, a Norwegian whaler, at Grytviken, South Georgia.  Subsequently seven other leases of land sites for whaling purposes were granted: three in 1908 in Stromness Harbour, Husvik Harbour and Godt Hill Harbour; three in 1909 in New Fortune Bay, Allardyce Harbour and Leith Harbour; and one in 1911 in Prince Olaf Harbour. 


South Georgia whaling station - J E Hamilton Collection, JCNA


pdfSGA-WHA-1-1. Buoying whales. Use of unlicensed vessels for.pdf385.97 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-2. Mr Hintons report on whales and whaling in South Georgia. Papers on the subject of.pdf260.14 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-3. Use of third whalers.pdf562.25 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-4. Messrs Salvesen and Company. Whaling facilities in South Georgia.pdf604.84 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-5. Ocean Whaling Company. Application of for third whale catcher.pdf173.97 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-6. Ocean Whaling Company. Application for use of 3rd whale catcher refused.pdf190.43 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-7. Southern Whaling and Sealing Company. Granted the use of 4th whaler.pdf93.13 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-8. Whaling South Georgia. Report on.pdf693.96 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-9. Southern Whaling and Sealing Company. Use of fourth whale catcher by the.pdf752.25 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-10. Whaling operations South Georgia. Report of.pdf1.06 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-11. Hvalen Whaling Company. Transfer of whaling licence to Hektor Company.pdf276.54 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-12. Clearance of whale oil. Discharge of the cargo of the ss Normanna.pdf326.64 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-13. Increased production whale oil. Salvesens whalers for South Georgia. Directions for Captain Restitution.pdf416.83 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-14. Sandefjord Whaling Company. Application for 2 additional catchers.pdf305.03 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-15. South Georgia whaling. Horatio destroyed by fire.pdf319.93 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-16. Whale oil. Export of from South Georgia 1st Oct 1915 to 25th Feb 1916.pdf314.52 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-17. Whale oil. Exportation of from South Georgia to England. Information received from Captain Thom.pdf149.81 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-18. Whaling. Irvins application for lease at Jason Harbour South Georgia to build land station.pdf1.78 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-19. Unoccupied harbours South Georgia. Use of by British whaling firms during 1916-17.pdf139.15 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-20. Whaling stations South Georgia. Map shewing positions of.pdf89.25 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-21. Compania Argentina de Pesca Whaling Co. Application by for 5th whaler.pdf377.51 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-22. Whale oil. Arrival in UK of cargo of from Colony per the SS North Sands.pdf111 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-23. Whale oil. Arrival of in UK of SS Pentaur and SV Fulwood.pdf186.37 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-24. Argentine de Pesca Companys whaling lease at Jason Harbour.pdf342.45 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-25. Whaling. Towing and buoying of whales and utilisation of whole carcass. Relaxation of regulations respecting to continue.pdf215.24 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-26. Whaling South Georgia. Report on for period April to Sept 1916.pdf679.18 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-27. Whaling Ocean Co granted a licence for 3rd whaler independent of any arrangement with Salvesen for a 4th whaler.pdf168.05 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-28. Whaling 4th whale-catcher to be employed by Sandefjord Whaling Company South Georgia arranged with Salvesen.pdf133.73 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-29. Whaling Salvesens additional licences and arrangement they are at liberty to make with Tonsberg Sandefjord and Ocean Companies.pdf124.05 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-30. Instructions to be communicated by SM South Georgia to masters of vessels.pdf161.71 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-31. Whaling transfer to Messrs Salvesen of whaling business of the Cia Argentina de Pesca.pdf250.3 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-32. Bryde Dahl their shipments of whale oil from South Georgia to be carefully measured in future.pdf356.34 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-33. War instructions for whalers season 1917-18.pdf341.73 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-34. Assignment by Messrs Salvesen of 2 licences to Tonsberg and Ocean Whaling Companies.pdf192.99 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-35. Shipment of guano from south Georgia to South Africa by Tonsberg Company.pdf115.96 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-36. Whaling report South Georgia 1st April to 30th September 1918.pdf1.15 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-37. Payment of rent for land in South Georgia by Cia Argentina de Pesca in respect of year 1919.pdf640.51 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-38. Future use of 3rd whale catcher by Sandefjord Company not prejudiced by non-operation during 1918-19 season.pdf262.02 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-39. Payment of rent by Salvesen and Co and South Georgia Company 1919.pdf124.75 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-40. Interim whaling reports to be half yearly instead of quarterly as formerly.pdf201.14 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-41. Renewal of licence to Ocean Whaling Company for 3rd catcher for season 1919-20.pdf229.83 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-42. Captain Esbensen. Applies for permission to employ a third and fourth whale catcher for Ocean Company South Georgia.pdf240.27 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-43. Ocean Companys use of 3rd catcher after 1919-20 season.pdf143.06 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-44. Correspondence with Messrs Salvesen regarding whaling facilities for the 1919-20 season.pdf245.99 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-45. Resume of concessions granted to Messrs Salvesen and Co in the use and sub-letting of extra whale catchers. Claim for payment of arrears due in whaling fees and rental.pdf1.47 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-46. Interim whaling reports from Dependencies 1919.pdf881.8 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-47. Whaling facilities to be allowed in South Georgia 1919-20 season.pdf501.84 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-48. Whaling report South Georgia season ended 31 March 1919.pdf546.92 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-49. British Museum desires monthly statistics of South Georgia and other whale catches 1910-11 to 1912-13.pdf357.73 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-50. Senior Magistrate South Georgia. Forwards list of whales catchers employed in South Georgia during the 1918-19 season.pdf217.33 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-51. Payment of rent South Georgia by Southern Whaling and Sealing Company 1919-20.pdf180.01 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-52. Renewals of leases South Georgia of the Compania Argentina de Pesca.pdf508.13 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-53. Whaling report South Georgia season ended 30 September 1919.pdf554.06 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-54. Senior Magistrate South Georgia. Asks how many catchers may be employed by Sandefjord Company South Georgia during 1919-20 season.pdf157.03 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-55. Applications of Southern Whaling and Sealing Co for 2nd lease of land in South Georgia.pdf647.61 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-56. Sailing of ss Perth with 6719 bags of guano.pdf105.67 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-1-57. Foundering of the British Steamer T.W.I. on the 11th May 1921.pdf810.37 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-1. Whaling report South Georgia for the period 1st July to the 31st December 1919.pdf636.28 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-2. Statement by J R Cadwallader seaman regarding alleged irregular practices at South Georgia.pdf860.73 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-3. Composition of board of directors of Compania Argentina de Pesca.pdf446.02 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-4. Exportation of whale oil bonds 1919.pdf2 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-5. Whaling report South Georgia. Season ended 31 March 1920.pdf781.97 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-6. Senior Magistrate South Georgia. Reports on the waste in the use of whale carcasses in the manufacture of guano at South Georgia.pdf257.69 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-7. Whaling returns furnished to the British Museum for the season 1919-20.pdf98.15 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-8. Sanderfjord and Ocean Whaling Companies to operate jointly at Stromness Bay South Georgia.pdf781.75 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-9. Ordinance No 4 of 1921 export duties whale oil. Season 1920-21 refund of one half of.pdf5.42 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-10. South Georgia. Report on the whaling season ended 31st May 1921.pdf2.29 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-11. Lease of Grytviken Harbour 500 acres 250. Lease of Jason Harbour 30 acres 100. Rent 1922.pdf808.56 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-12. Whaling report South Georgia season 1922.pdf2.5 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-13. Payment of rent by Messrs Salvesen and Co for Allardyce Harbour and by the South Georgia Co for Leith Harbour 1922.pdf140.08 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-14. Reported fire at Stromness Harbour Wahling Station Vestfold Co.pdf305.31 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-15. Compania Argentina de Pesca. Shipment of oil from South Georgia ss Fortuna October 1922.pdf499.5 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-16. Asst Naturalist forwards particulars as to the weight of a whale.pdf178.21 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-17. Crown Agents. Forwards copies of report on papers relating to the whales of South Georgia.pdf419.57 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-18. Proposed licence to Tonsberg Company for fifth catcher.pdf274.55 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-19. Possibility of utilising guano and bone meal from South Georgia.pdf1.06 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-20. Recovery of whale marking darts.pdf4.43 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-21. Magistrate Sth Georgia. Remarks on the report of the Interdepartmental Committee regarding the whaling industry.pdf1.07 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-2-22. Correspondence relating to two parcels of specimens sent to the British Museum.pdf214.32 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-3-1. Seizure of two whaling ships Unitas IV and Unitas V.pdf2.26 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-3-2. Fishing enquiries by Floating Fish Factory Inc.pdf699.04 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-3-3. Customs legislation. Whale oil duty.pdf374 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-3-4. Whaling South Georgia.pdf771.87 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-3-5. Collection and refund of duty on whale oil.pdf8.67 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-3-6. Whaling reports.pdf6.9 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-3-7. Christian Salvesen and Company.pdf4.4 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-3-8. Use of Asdic by whale catchers.pdf6.88 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-3-9. Tonsberg Company.pdf7.82 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-4-1. Erection of radar-asdic workshop by Pesca.pdf1.98 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-4-2. Petfoods Limited.pdf2.34 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-4-3. Albion Star.pdf5.42 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-4-4. Question of limitation of shore whaling and number of catchers operating.pdf1.89 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-4-5. International whaling conventions infractions.pdf10.95 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-4-6. Interim whaling reports.pdf2.47 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-4-7. Export duty on whale products.pdf3.84 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-5-1. Duplicate whaling licences.pdf8.21 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-5-2. Collection of rent from whaling stations.pdf685.05 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-5-3. Tonsberg whaling lease.pdf267.42 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-5-4. Tonsberg Whaling Company Fishing South Georgia.pdf486.46 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-5-5. Taxation South Georgia.pdf662.86 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-5-6. Renewal of whaling lease Compania Argentina de Pesca.pdf938.98 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-5-7. Collection and refund of duty on whale oil.pdf5.34 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-5-8. Albion Star. Whaling.pdf213.03 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-5-9. Christian Salvesen and Company.pdf3.4 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-5-10. Albion Star - leases.pdf6.77 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-5-11. Importation of fertilisers from South Georgia.pdf1.95 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-5-12. Sale of Leith Harbour to Japanese.pdf1.62 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-5-13. Albion Star. Lease to Japanese.pdf1.56 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-5-14. Export duty on whale products.pdf3.35 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-5-15. Direct communications with Japan.pdf1.34 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-6-1. Nippon Suisan Kaisha.pdf1.93 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-6-2. Fortnightly whaling reports.pdf354.78 KB

pdfSGA-WHA-6-3. Albion Star.pdf1.73 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-6-4. Whaling reports.pdf4.17 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-6-5. Whaling Policy.pdf7.95 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-6-6. Whaling Policy.pdf8.73 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-6-7. Whaling Policy.pdf2.81 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-6-8. Lease of Whaling Stations.pdf8.83 MB

pdfSGA-WHA-6-9. Lease of Whaling Stations.pdf4.99 MB



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