Please note: tussac is also mentioned in Agriculture records.


The following reports are part of the collection of Natural History - Flora reports on the Falkland Islands held in the Jane Cameron National Archives. Permission to upload scans of various reports has been given to the Jane Cameron National Archives however it should be noted that these items are still under copyright.

pdfTussac Grass in the Falklands by I J Strange C J Parry M C Parry R W Woods - Jul 1988.pdf(7.48 MB)

pdfEcology and Agronomy of Tussac Grass by J H McAdam D W H Walton - Jan 1990.pdf(4.57 MB)

pdfThe Vascular Flora of the Falkland Islands an Annotated Checklist and Atlas by D A Broughton J H McAdam - 2002.pdf(5.66 MB)


Government Files

pdfNAT-FLO-1-1. H J Ransley. Forwards postal order for 2-6 and asks to be supplied with some fresh seeds of tussock grass.pdf234.38 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-2. Mr Aubrey Hardy. Asks that the weight of bundle of tussac be reduced from 28lbs to 20lbs.pdf376.47 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-3. Planting of tussac at Hookers Point and Tussac Point.pdf465.79 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-4. Stock inspector. Tussac plantation at Hookers Point. Recommends extension of fence.pdf335.8 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-5. J H Williams. R S Bailey. Royalty on tussac. Ask for consideration of question of.pdf1.66 MB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-6. Kew Gardens. Report on specimens of grass sent for identification.pdf128.2 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-7. Application by horses owners to cut tussac on account of temporary scarcity.pdf634.2 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-8. Report on tussac plantation at Hookers Point.pdf149.78 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-9. Mr John Davis. Reports infringement of rules regarding cutting of tussac.pdf265.01 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-10. Mr Roland McKee. Applies for a supply of tussac grass seeds for United States Department of Agriculture.pdf837.58 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-11. Crown Agents. Forwards request for supply of seed heads of Poa Flabellata tussac.pdf493.14 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-12. Mr A Clifton. Report on condition of tussac grass on Kidney Island.pdf242.12 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-13. Planting of tussac grass on the peninsula.pdf2.74 MB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-14. Applications to cut tussac 1925. Application by J H Williams to bring in tussac to Stanley on the Royalty System.pdf1.54 MB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-15. Collection of tussac seed from Kidney Island.pdf109.71 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-16. Forest Officer. Report on sand grass sown at peninsula and the wireless station.pdf1.81 MB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-17. S W A Eschauzier. Requests information regarding plants Oxalis enneaphylla scurvy grass native on the Falkland Islands.pdf189.86 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-18. Enquiry from Hon G J Felton regarding possibility of ordering a quantity of swamp grass Poa Aquatica seed from New Zealand.pdf99.55 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-19. Tussac bordering Ross Road in vicinity of Government House. Enquiry regarding cutting of.pdf58.33 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-20. Stock Inspector. Improvement of tussac on Ross Road.pdf180.52 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-21. Mr A F Cobb. Request for tussac grass seed.pdf263.27 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-22. Chief Inspector of Stock. Proposal that all cattle be turned to graze in Hookers Point tussac plantation.pdf263.73 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-23. Mr H J Roberts Manitoba. Request for tussac grass seed.pdf2.32 MB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-24. Rice grass Spartina.pdf543.72 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-25. Veterinary Officer. Grass seed suitable for sowing on the site of the Quarters.pdf60.13 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-26. Chief of Bureau. Application by USSR Institute of Plant Industry Leningrad for seed sample of Poa Flabellata Lam Hook.pdf1.22 MB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-27. Clarence Elliott Ltd. Requests to be supplied with seeds of Berberis Ilicifolia and Calceolaria fothergillie Ladys slipper.pdf514.63 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-28. Mr C A Parkinson requests that he be permitted to take sundry plants and seeds for distribution to Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew and Edinburgh.pdf709.93 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-1-29. Plans and estimates for clearing and fencing permits for tussac.pdf2.19 MB

pdfNAT-FLO-2-1. Anaylsis of tussock grass Poa flabellata.pdf262.55 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-2-2. Collection of exhibits for the Chelsea Show 1937.pdf1.19 MB

pdfNAT-FLO-2-3. Supply of tussac to stock owners in Stanley.pdf1.16 MB

pdfNAT-FLO-2-4. Possibility of exportation of Carrageen moss.pdf200.65 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-2-5. Outbreak of fire in gorse bushes in the vicinity of Little Italy.pdf166.79 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-2-6. Tussock grass plants required by Ministry Agriculture at Punta Arenas.pdf153.92 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-2-7. Soil conservation. Importation of gorse seed.pdf924.01 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-2-8. Plants. Seeds requests for specimens importation of seeds plants.pdf590.31 KB

pdfNAT-FLO-2-9. Visit of botanist to the Falkland Islands.pdf186.25 KB



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Permission to upload scans of various reports has been given to the Jane Cameron National Archives however it should be noted that these items are still under copyright.

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