The Falkland Islands Company Limited purchased their first vessel in 1852 as part of their Royal Charter to provide a regular postal service. The Amelia, a 150 ton brigantine under Captain Bracey Robson WILSON, arrived in Stanley 1 July 1852 nine days out from Montevideo with general cargo and 19 passengers. The Falkland Islands Company owned a number of vessels over the subsequent years with their last vessel, the Monsunen, being sold in 1992.

The Falkland Islands Company Ltd were also Lloyd's Agents and kept their own shipping registers from which they prepared regular returns.

The Archives hold a number of log books for Falkland Islands Company Ltd (FIC) vessels in the FIC Collection.

The Ships & Shipping listing is part of an internal staff research aid.


The Thetis – built for the FIC in Dumbarton & launched June 1893 – photo FIC Collection


Shipping Registers

 pdfShipping Register April 1889 to December 1909 - FIC as Lloyds Agent - FIC-SM1.pdf(10.81 MB)

pdfShipping Register December 1909 to February 1980 - FIC as Lloyds Agent - FIC-SM2.pdf(19.29 MB)

pdfShipping Register January 1980 to March 1984 - FIC as Agent - FIC-SM3.pdf(2.94 MB)

pdfRegister book of Norwegian ships entering the port of Stanley Falkland Is - FIC as Norwegian Consul - FIC-SM4.pdf(3.45 MB)

pdfShips & Shipping - 1867 to 1894.pdf(199.22 KB)

Log Books

pdfLog Books - Falkland - 1923 to 1929.pdf(187.96 KB)

pdfLog Books - Lafonia 2 - 1932 to 1934.pdf(185.56 KB)

pdfLog Books - Fitzroy - 1940 to 1957.pdf(213.69 KB)

pdfLog Books - Darwin - 1957 to 1970.pdf(204.95 KB)

pdfLog Books - Monsunen - 1972 to 1992.pdf(211.49 KB)


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