Jetties and Slipways



With shipping the main form of transport of goods and people, jetties and slipways were a necessity around the Falkland Islands.


Public Jetty 1887 - FIC Collection, JCNA


The Government file system was started post World War I; previous to this all correspondence was kept in manuscript books.  The following Government files contain information on jetties and slipways. 

Government Files

pdfSHI-JET-1-1. Question of Government Wharf accomodation and copy of special grant by which FIC obtained theirs.pdf539.12 KB

pdfSHI-JET-1-2. Destruction of lamp post on Public Jetty by FI Cos tug Samson.pdf238.36 KB

pdfSHI-JET-1-3. Colonial Engineer. Submits estimate for construction of slipway in Stanley Harbour.pdf214.04 KB

pdfSHI-JET-1-4. Proposed slipway to be constructed at Stanley.pdf4.75 MB

pdfSHI-JET-1-5. Harbour Master. Reports condition of Watering Jetty.pdf194.35 KB

pdfSHI-JET-1-6. Facilities for landing at and moving boats at Tussac islands at entrance to Port William.pdf170.79 KB

pdfSHI-JET-1-7. Harbour Master. Recommends that a gate be placed across the Government Dockyard Jetty.pdf195.4 KB

pdfSHI-JET-1-8. Manager FIC. Asks permisson to take soundings in Stanley Harbour for purpose of ascertaining suitable site for a slipway.pdf218.83 KB

pdfSHI-JET-1-9. Harbour Master. Report on condition of Dockyard Jetty Derrick Dockyard Hulk.pdf209.98 KB 

pdfSHI-JET-1-10. Falkland Islands Co enquire if Col. Govt. desire to purchase jetty and hulk at Sulivan House.pdf1.23 MB

pdfSHI-JET-1-11. Admiralty Hydrographer requests that Oiling Jetty at the Camber be inserted on Admiralty Chart.pdf2.99 MB

pdfSHI-JET-1-12. Indent for materials for repair of Dockyard Jetty.pdf6.43 MB

pdfSHI-JET-1-13. Acting Harbour Master. Suggested concrete ways for Dockyard Slip.pdf1.53 MB

pdfSHI-JET-1-14. Life saving appliances on jetties in Stanley Harbour.pdf610.88 KB

pdfSHI-JET-1-15. Precautions against accidents on Dockyard Jetty and Pier.pdf379.35 KB

pdfSHI-JET-1-16. Repairs of Public Jetty.pdf3.46 MB

pdfSHI-JET-1-17. Mr Hubert Cobb. Proposal that Government should contribute towards erecting new jetty at Fox Bay West Falkland.pdf4.61 MB

pdfSHI-JET-1-18. Proposed construction of railing on the Public Jetty.pdf883.78 KB

pdfSHI-JET-1-19. Damage to Public Jetty by Whale Catcher.pdf155.05 KB

pdfSHI-JET-1-20. Proposed extension to boat shed and slipway.pdf452.01 KB

pdfSHI-JET-1-21. Mr A G Barton. Requests the assistance of Colonial Engineer in the matter of the erection of a new jetty at Pebble Island.pdf1.54 MB

pdfSHI-JET-1-22. Scale of charges for use of Govt slipway.pdf2.4 MB

pdfSHI-JET-1-23. Miss Frances Kirwan. Request that the lamp at the head of the public jetty be kept alight throughout the night.pdf428.64 KB

pdfSHI-JET-1-24. Proposed demolition of Govt House jetty.pdf275.94 KB

pdfSHI-JET-1-25. Mr J S Barnes. Application to use portion of foreshore for beaching of small craft.pdf1.53 MB

pdfSHI-JET-1-26. Harbour Master. Disposal of kelp washed up on Govt slipway.pdf428.52 KB

pdfSHI-JET-1-27. Laying of concrete between rails on the Government Jetty.pdf343.07 KB

pdfSHI-JET-1-28. Survey on jetty at the Moro by Mr G L Challen General Foreman of Works.pdf407.78 KB

pdfSHI-JET-1-29. W J Hutchinson. Applies for permission to rebuild and extend old jetty known as Redmanns Redmonds Jetty.pdf365.07 KB

pdfSHI-JET-1-30. Damage to Govt Jetty caused by RRS William Scoresby.pdf219.17 KB

pdfSHI-JET-2-1. Bathing from the Government Jetty.pdf429.59 KB

pdfSHI-JET-2-2. Damage to Public Jetty.pdf2.04 MB

pdfSHI-JET-2-3. Government Jetty. Lighting arrangements.pdf193.73 KB

pdfSHI-JET-2-4. Public Jetty. Harbour Master reports on.pdf1.12 MB

pdfSHI-JET-2-5. Repairs to Govt Slipway.pdf342.93 KB

pdfSHI-JET-2-6. Mr G Perry. Application to use portion of foreshore for the laying up of small craft.pdf608.67 KB

pdfSHI-JET-2-7. Application to erect davits on Sulivan Jetty.pdf1.48 MB

pdfSHI-JET-2-8. Harbour Master. Requests permission to place No Admittance notices on dockyard gates.pdf337.53 KB

pdfSHI-JET-2-9. Installation of electric light on Public Jetty.pdf824.32 KB

pdfSHI-JET-2-10. Mr Alex Steel requests permission to erect davits on old Watering Jetty.pdf188.5 KB

pdfSHI-JET-2-11. Proposed demolition of sanitary and water jetties.pdf144.25 KB

pdfSHI-JET-2-12. Stanley Jetties. Government Jetty and Public Jetty.pdf5.78 MB

pdfSHI-JET-2-13. Slipway.pdf433.11 KB

pdfSHI-JET-2-14. Stanley Jetties - depth of water at.pdf687.76 KB

pdfSHI-JET-2-15. Public Jetty - use of.pdf1.18 MB

pdfSHI-JET-2-16. Stanley foreshore.pdf208.26 KB

pdfSHI-JET-2-17. Jetties.pdf7.81 MB

pdfSHI-JET-2-18. Fox Bay Village Jetty and Freight Rates.pdf2.81 MB


Maps and Plans

pdfBridges Jetties and Slipways.pdf6.03 MB 



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