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In 1848 Governor Rennie proposed that a mail communication be provided via a small packet making regular runs every two months between Stanley and Rio de Janeiro.  A contract for conveyance of mails was signed by the Falkland Islands Company Ltd in London on 21 April 1852 but it only lasted two years and a regular service wasn’t established until 1857.

Ordinance No 1 of 1880 An Ordinance to make further provision for the Postal Service of the Colony was enacted11 February 1880 to make better provision for the postal service of the Falkland Islands.  It required that every master of any vessel calling at Port Stanley would, if requested, receive on board any mail for foreign ports for which he was entitled to demand and receive one penny for every letter and one farthing for every newspaper, book, packet, or other article.

The Post Office Ordinance, No 10 of 1898, repealed the previous six ordinances and set out the rules and gave the Governor in Council power to fix rates and make rules.  The ordinance was extended to the Dependencies on 31 July 1911.

Post and telegraph statistics are included in the Blue Books.


pdfMAI-GEN-1-1 Representation by Deputy Postmaster Fox Bay as to opening of letters from West Falklands in the Post Office at Stanley-Forwards.pdf529.12 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-2 Inter insular mail service in the Falkland Islands on the subject of the proposed new contract for.pdf1.45 MB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-3 Inter insular mail service.pdf66.47 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-4 Inter-insular mail on the Falkland Islands agreement providing for the.pdf437.47 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-5 Instructions to postal censor.pdf232.74 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-6 Inter-insular mail service agreement executed for.pdf967.97 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-7 Surprise survey on cash and stamps in Treasury.pdf194.12 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-8 Payment of subsidy to Falkland Islands Transport Co Ltd for month of January 1919.pdf232.82 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-9 FI Trading Company asks permission to delay sailing of SS Falkland one day beyond contract time.pdf85.73 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-10 Postmaster General invites co-operation of Falkland Islands in a cash on delivery parcel post system.pdf1.23 MB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-11 Payment of subsidy to Falkland Islands Transport Company for month of August 1919.pdf57.11 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-12 Postal communications between Falkland Islands and Uruguay.pdf155.4 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-13 Payment of subsidy to Falkland Islands Transport Company for October and during absence in Monte Video.pdf105.2 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-14 Enquiry by Dodero Hermanos Ltda as to possibility of steamer service between Falkland Islands and River Plate.pdf170.09 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-15 Termination of Falkland Islands Transport Companys contract for inter insular communication.pdf183.42 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-16 West Falkland Mail Falkland Islands Co offer to horse letters to Brenton Loch.pdf139.16 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-17 West Falklanders enquire regarding mail to West Falkland.pdf162.35 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-18 Complaint regarding mail service to the West Falklands.pdf386.46 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-19 Suggested appointment of Gunner of HMCS Afterglow as mail officer.pdf496.5 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-20 Mr Francis Simpson. Application for compensation for injuries sustained at Post Office.pdf555.59 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-21 Steamer Largato not calling at Montevideo but at Bahia Blanca.pdf167.76 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-22 Regarding forwarding of mails for Falkland Islands by vessels of whaling fleet.pdf264.7 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-23 Mails for United Kingdom forwarded via Punta Arenas Chile.pdf289.66 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-24 Suggested arrangement between Great Britain and places abroad for the conveyance of parcels exceeding eleven pounds.pdf669.18 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-25 Arrival of ss Thor Minor at Port Stanley with mail.pdf201.82 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-26 Possibility of regular mail service with passenger accommodation to and from West Falkland during the period 1 April to November.pdf2.05 MB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-27 Introduction of late fee letters.pdf183.3 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-28 West Falkland mail service.pdf1.76 MB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-29 Signalling arrival of mails.pdf146.14 KB

pdfMAI-GEN-1-30 Publication in leading English newspapers of particulars of improved mail service from England to Colony.pdf543.21 KB


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