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The Archives hold a large number of manuscript books containing inwards letters and documents divided into various series. For details of copyright and disclaimers please go to the bottom of the page.


Miscellaneous Inwards Letters, etc to Government - Series H

The manuscript book Series H, Miscellaneous Inwards Letters, etc to Government, contain transcriptions of letters and documents, and original letters and documents for the period 10 July 1832 to April 1898.  There should be 52 books in the series however some books are missing and presumed lost in the Town Hall fire of 1944.  Others that were badly damaged by fire and water in the fire are closed to researchers but the contents have been scanned and are available on this website under the Government section.

The index of volume H41 was created by the National Archivist as an example for the graduates indexing Series F.

pdfH41 - 1886 Jun-1887 Jul.pdf1.03 MB


Inwards Despatch Books - Series F

The manuscript book Series F cover the period 22 July 1841 to December 1943. There should be 85 books in the series however Book 5 is missing and presumed lost in the Town Hall fire of 1944.

The following indexes were created over a number of years by history graduates undertaking work experience in the Archives They are from the manuscript book series F, Inward Despatch Books, and currently cover the period 1901 to1932 (F29 to F77), excluding circular and library despatch books.

Copies of the majority of these despatches will also be held in the National Archives, London, England.

pdfF29 - 1901 Jan-1903 Apr.pdf579.4 KB

pdfF30 - 1903 Apr-1905 Sep.pdf602.79 KB

F31 - Circular Despatches - January 1904 to December 1905

pdfF32 - 1905 Jul-1907 Feb.pdf638.53 KB

pdfF33 - 1906 Jan-1908 Dec.pdf630.32 KB

F34 - Circular Despatches - 1906

pdfF35 - 1907 Apr-1908 Aug.pdf639.43 KB

F36 - Circular Despatches - 1907

F37 - Circular Despatches - 1908

pdfF38 - 1909.pdf448.53 KB

F39 - Circular Despatches - 1909

pdfF40 - 1909 Jan-1911 Aug.pdf474.93 KB

F41 - Library Despatches Inward January 1908 to December 1912

pdfF42 - 1910.pdf475.31 KB

F43 - Circular Despatches - 1910

pdfF44 - 1911 Jan-1911 Oct.pdf448.31 KB

pdfF45 - 1911 Aug-1912 Jun.pdf505.84 KB

F46 - Circular Despatches - 1911

pdfF47 - 1911 Aug-1913 Jun.pdf555.27 KB

pdfF48 - 1912 Jun-1913 Sep.pdf769.77 KB

F49 - Circular Despatches - 1912

pdfF50 - 1913 Aug-1914 Mar.pdf493.98 KB

pdfF51 - 1913 Jun-1914 Dec.pdf441.74 KB

pdfF52 - 1913 Jun-1914 Dec.pdf471.67 KB

F53 - Library Despatches Inward January 1913 to January 1915

F54 - Circulars 1913

pdfF55 - 1914 Mar-1915 Feb.pdf650.34 KB

F56 - Circulars 1914

pdfF57 - 1915 Jan-1915 Nov.pdf362.25 KB

pdfF58 - 1915 Apr-1921 May.pdf362.57 KB

pdfF59 - 1915 Jan-1918 Jun.pdf2.37 MB

pdfF60 - 1918 Jul-1920 Dec.pdf1.47 MB

pdfF61 - 1921.pdf551.68 KB

pdfF62 - 1921 Feb-1924 Dec.pdf413.25 KB

pdfF63 - 1922.pdf711.22 KB

pdfF64 - 1923.pdf474 KB

pdfF65 - 1924.pdf719.12 KB

pdfF66 - 1925.pdf709.3 KB

pdfF67 - 1926.pdf626.2 KB

pdfF68 - 1927.pdf632.8 KB

pdfF69 - 1927 May to 1936 Dec.pdf744.72 KB

pdfF70 - 1925 to 1936.pdf408.42 KB

pdfF71 - 1928.pdf1.09 MB

pdfF72 - 1929.pdf997.61 KB

pdfF73 - 1929 to 1930.pdf588.39 KB

pdfF74 - 1930.pdf856.87 KB

pdfF75 - 1931.pdf355.24 KB

pdfF76 - 1931.pdf1.27 MB

pdfF77 - 1932.pdf1.12 MB



While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy the Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in these records.

Copyright guide

Copies of government records may be used freely for private research and educational purposes. If material is to be used for commercial publication, exhibition or broadcast the written permission of the Jane Cameron National Archives must first be obtained. Whenever material from the Jane Cameron National Archives is reproduced in any form or in any medium, the user must acknowledge the Jane Cameron National Archives as the source and give all document references. For non-government records it is your responsibility as the user to ensure that copyright is not infringed and any infringement that does occur is your responsibility.