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These printed booklets were produced by the British Government for each of their overseas possessions and were originally based on the Blue Books*. They contain summaries of statistics and activities for the Colony and Dependencies over the relevant period. Production of the reports was suspended during World War II. The last annual report was produced in 1949 and thereafter until 1975 they were biennial reports. The reports were illustrated with black and white photographs from 1947 onwards.

Period Covered: 1846 to 1938; and 1946 to 1974/75. Status: Incomplete

The Colonial Annual Reports for the Falkland Islands can also be accessed in the National Archives, London, England.


pdfColonial Annual Reports 1887-1889.pdf(7.72 MB)

pdfColonial Annual Reports 1890-1894.pdf(21.38 MB)

pdfColonial Annual Reports 1895-1897.pdf(29.46 MB)

pdfColonial Annual Reports 1898-1899.pdf(16.32 MB)

pdfColonial Annual Reports 1900-1903.pdf(14.95 MB)

pdfColonial Annual Reports 1904-1906.pdf(14.06 MB)

pdfColonial Annual Reports 1907-1909.pdf(14.73 MB)

pdfColonial Annual Reports 1910-1912.pdf(17 MB)

pdfColonial Annual Reports 1913-1914.pdf(16.07 MB)

pdfColonial Annual Reports 1915-1919.pdf(24.27 MB)


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* The Blue Books (named after the blue paper the forms were printed on) were produced locally annually and contain statistical records for the Falkland Islands. The Blue Books list names, salaries and dates of appointment of government employees and information on trade, shipping, land use, schools and local organisations. The Blue Books for the Falkland Islands can also be accessed in the National Archives, London, England.