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Darwin Cemetery is the second largest cemetery in the Falkland Islands and the majority of the graves contain employees of the Falkland Islands Company Limited and their families who lived and worked in the Lafonia area.

The first burials in the cemetery appear to be in 1866 and were Thomas Williams, a carpenter from England, who was buried in April 1866 and Evelina, a Spanish girl who died in 1859 and was buried at the Boca; her remains were moved to the new cemetery in 1866.

There is also a small enclosed space outside the graveyard which contains two graves; Louis Bernhardt who died in 1893 and Sydney Gleadell who died in 1954.

In the main graveyard 140 graves have been identified to date as well as two further spaces which may contain adult graves. Of these 140 graves, 60 belong to children and infants and there may be more infant graves along the south fence.

The following plan is set out in a grid system with an accompanying key.


pdfDarwin Cemetery Plan.pdf(52.2 KB)


pdfDarwin burials.pdf(906.89 KB)



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