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The following records cover all of the Dependencies, and may include, but are not specific to South Georgia, and mainly cover the period post World War I to the late 1970s.

 61. MV Trespassey near Hope Bay in 1947 from ss Fitzroy

MV Trepassy, from SS Fitzroy, near Hope Bay in 1947 - FIC Collection, JCNA


pdfANT-GEN-1-1. Mr T W Bagshawe member of British Imperial Antarctic Expedition. Enquiry regarding.pdf1.49 MB

pdfANT-GEN-1-2. British Imperial Antarctic Expedition. Correspondence between Mr Lars Christensen and Commander Cope.pdf762.85 KB

pdfANT-GEN-1-3. Consul Punta Arenas. Telegraphic message for Shackleton expedition.pdf512.49 KB

pdfANT-GEN-1-4. British Antarctic Expedition. Rescue of members of.pdf2.03 MB

pdfANT-GEN-1-5. Bouvet Island visit of ss Norwegia to.pdf789.19 KB

pdfANT-GEN-1-6. Correspondence concerning The Byrd Antarctic Expedition.pdf520.6 KB

pdfANT-GEN-1-7. Sir Hubert Wilkins. Proposal that he should be asked to receive possession in the name of.pdf12.55 MB

pdfANT-GEN-1-8. Press messages from Captain Sir Hubert Wilkins regarding progress of the Wilkins-Hearst Antarctic Expedition.pdf528.04 KB

pdfANT-GEN-1-9. S of S. Forwards information regarding certain proposed expeditions to the Antarctic.pdf798.35 KB

pdfANT-GEN-1-10. Consul Lars Christensen. Proposed expedition to the Antarctic in the Norwegian whaling vessel Thorshavn.pdf2.49 MB

pdfANT-GEN-1-11. Names in the Antarctic. Notes for the guidance of explorers and cartographers.pdf1.04 MB

pdfANT-GEN-1-12. British Grahamland Expedition. Appeal from President of Royal Geographical Society for additional financial assistance.pdf975.07 KB

pdfANT-GEN-1-13. Antarctic Pilot publication.pdf1.55 MB

pdfANT-GEN-1-14. Uruguayan base in Antarctica.pdf535.26 KB

pdfANT-GEN-1-15. Map of the Antarctica produced by the Department of the Interior Commonwealth of Australia.pdf502.44 KB

pdfANT-GEN-1-16. Sir Ernest Shackletons Expedition. Rescue of men left on Elephant Island belonging to.pdf2.66 MB

pdfANT-GEN-1-17. Shackleton relief expedition. Discovery being sent to Port Stanley.pdf324.44 KB

pdfANT-GEN-1-18. Sir E Shackletons expedition. Arrangements for the despatch of the ss Discovery for the purpose of rescuing the members of.pdf515.02 KB

pdfANT-GEN-1-19. Sir E Shackleton. Death of.pdf473.27 KB



pdfSGD-GEN-1-1. Oil fuel. Stock of stated to be at Deception Island South Shetlands.pdf2.3 MB

pdfSGD-GEN-1-2. Customs supervision in the Dependencies.pdf205.89 KB

pdfSGD-GEN-1-3. Visit of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh to Dependencies.pdf1.06 MB

pdfSGD-GEN-1-4. Womens expedition to South Georgia proposed expedition to Hope Bay.pdf5.35 MB

pdfSGD-GEN-1-5. Elephant Island expedition.pdf4.12 MB

pdfSGD-GEN-1-6. Applications for lease of land.pdf702.16 KB


Mail and Stamps

pdfDEP-STA-1-1. Stamps supplied for sale at South Shetlands 1923-24.pdf272.56 KB

pdfDEP-STA-1-2. New issue of Dependencies stamps.pdf5.2 MB

pdfDEP-STA-1-3. Proposed new issue of postage stamps for the Dependencies. Ship issue and TAE Volume 1 lost in fire.pdf10.93 MB

pdfDEP-STA-1-4. Proposed new issue of postage stamps for the Dependencies ship issue and TAE commencing with P480.pdf249.46 KB

pdfDEP-STA-1-5. BAT Stamps Programme.pdf5.86 MB

pdfDEP-STA-1-6. Gondwana Stamp Issue.pdf3.96 MB

pdfDEP-STA-1-7. BAT Stamps Seals Issue 1982-83.pdf1.91 MB

pdfDEP-STA-1-8. BAT Stamps Whales Issue 1976-77.pdf3.52 MB

pdfDEP-STA-1-9. BAT Stamps Penguin Issue 1978-79.pdf5.16 MB

pdfDEP-STA-1-10. BAT Stamps Silver Jubilee Issue 1977.pdf6.14 MB

pdfDEP-STA-1-11. BAT Stamps Definitive Issue Marine Life 1982-83.pdf2.53 MB

pdfDEP-STA-2-1. 25th Anniversary and 1 Definitive - 1969.pdf4.92 MB

pdfDEP-STA-2-2. 10th Anniversary Antarctic Treaty 1971.pdf2.82 MB

pdfDEP-STA-2-3. BAT Decimal Overprint - 1971.pdf5.03 MB

pdfDEP-STA-2-4. BAT Explorers Definitive - 1972.pdf21.46 MB

pdfDEP-STA-2-5. BAT Silver Wedding - 1972.pdf9.75 MB

pdfDEP-STA-2-6. BAT Stamps - Coronation Issue.pdf5.04 MB

pdfDEP-STA-2-7. BAT Royal Wedding - 1973.pdf10.24 MB

pdfDEP-STA-2-8. Stamps - BAT Churchill Issue 1974.pdf8.34 MB

pdfDEP-STA-2-9. BAT Stamps - 150th Anniversary of the Royal Geographical Society.pdf11.62 MB

pdfDEP-STA-2-10. BAT Stamps - 20th Anniversary Antarctic Stamp Issue.pdf12.2 MB


Shipping and Navigation

pdfDEP-SHI-1-1. Corvette Uruguay visits to South Orkney Island and South Georgia.pdf133.73 KB

pdfDEP-SHI-1-2. Submits copy of extract from log book of ss Subra reporting uncharted kelp ground.pdf190.63 KB

pdfDEP-SHI-1-3. Lights on the South Shetlands. Proposals for.pdf9.74 MB

pdfDEP-SHI-1-4. Exchange of AGA cylinders for lights at Deception Island South Shetlands.pdf981.9 KB

pdfDEP-SHI-1-5. Visit of HMS Capetown 25 February to 2 March 1927. Suggested visit of to Dependencies.pdf925.85 KB

pdfDEP-SHI-1-6. Chart of running survey on South Orkneys by Captain Belgau of the whale factory Southern Queen.pdf279.58 KB

pdfDEP-SHI-1-7. Charts. Admiralty chart prepared by Lieut Com JM Chaplin RN of Cumberland Bay Moltke Harbour etc.pdf1.84 MB

pdfDEP-SHI-1-8. Approval of the adoption of certain names in admiralty publications.pdf214.43 KB


Maps and Plans

pdfDependencies, excluding South Georgia, and Antarctic.pdf10.23 MB 



While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy the Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in these records.

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