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The Battle of the Falklands was a major event in the history of the Falkland Islands and is still commemorated every 8 December.  Moves to erect a memorial were started in January 1919 by the London branch of the Falkland Islands Company Limited who were behind the raising of funds by public subscription.  Originally to be placed on Victory Green the memorial was finally placed on the site of the old quarantine station on a point looking out across Stanley Harbour.  By the end of September 1926 the memorial had cost a total of £891-5-8.  An additional £201-5-9 was incurred in October and a final sum of £265-7-1 in January 1927. In a letter dated 2 February 1927 George Roberts, the executive engineer, advised that all works in connection with the Battle Memorial were complete and the whole was ready for handing over to the Battle Memorial Committee. 

82. WWI Battle Memorial building

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Government Files

pdfWAR-MEM-1-1. Army. Returns to be made of graves of members of H M Forces who have died during war.pdf136.6 KB

pdfWAR-MEM-1-2. Correspondence with Falkland Islands Co Ltd re erection of memorial of the Battle of the Falkland Islands.pdf8.58 MB

pdfWAR-MEM-1-3. Marking of graves of naval officers and men who died during war.pdf241.42 KB

pdfWAR-MEM-1-4. Fund for maintenance of graves in Stanley Cemetery of those who have fallen during the war.pdf422.18 KB

pdfWAR-MEM-1-5. Photographs of wreaths laid on Cenotaph. Expenses in connection with.pdf524.79 KB

pdfWAR-MEM-1-6. Erection of memorials of a uniform type on naval and military graves.pdf3.89 MB

pdfWAR-MEM-1-7. Imperial War Graves Commission. Asks for particulars of marking and registration of naval graves.pdf488.55 KB

pdfWAR-MEM-1-8. Imperial War Graves Commission. Respecting the erection of Imperial War Cross.pdf5.84 MB

pdfWAR-MEM-1-9. Telegrams exchanged between HE the Governor and British Vice-Consul Punta Arenas on the Occasion of the 10th Anniversary of Falkland Islands Battle.pdf339.54 KB

pdfWAR-MEM-2-1. Imperial War Museum. Collection of photographs of memorials of the war of 1914-1918.pdf498.6 KB

pdfWAR-MEM-2-2. Unveiling of the Great War Cross at Stanley Cemetery.pdf295.76 KB

pdfWAR-MEM-2-3. Unveiling of Falkland Islands Battle Memorial. Visit of HMS Cape Town.pdf5.89 MB

pdfWAR-MEM-2-4. Applications to be included in parade of ex-service men at the unveiling of the Falkland Islands Battle Memorial.pdf325.69 KB

pdfWAR-MEM-2-5. Falkland Islands Battle Memorial. Care and maintenance of.pdf564 KB

pdfWAR-MEM-2-6. Unveiling of War Memorial Tablet in Christ Church Cathedral.pdf637.77 KB

pdfWAR-MEM-2-7. Imperial War Graves Commission.pdf665.96 KB

pdfWAR-MEM-2-8. Issue of a memorial scroll to the next-of-kin of members of His Majestys forces.pdf484.7 KB

pdfWAR-MEM-2-9. Imperial War Graves Commission.pdf3.81 MB

pdfWAR-MEM-2-10. 1939-45 War Memorial.pdf1.8 MB

pdfWAR-MEM-2-11. Liberation Monument.pdf3.55 MB

pdfWAR-MEM-2-12. Erection of War Memorial Tablet in Christ Church Cathedral.pdf272.62 KB

pdfWAR-MEM-2-13. Stanley Cemetery. Great War Cross of Sacrifice.pdf416.3 KB

Military Cemeteries

pdfMount Egmont Military Cemetery Saunders Island.pdf993.04 KB

pdfBlue Beach Military Cemetery San Carlos.pdf232.74 KB

pdfPC-027-105 to 123. Building of the Blue Beach Military Cemetery at San Carlos by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.pdf6.21 MB

pdfPlan of Argentine Military Cemetery May 1985.pdf187.58 KB


pdfNaval Graves in the Falkland Islands.pdf267.68 KB

pdfBattle of the Falklands 100th anniversary.pdf2.32 MB


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