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The majority of locally held Government records started with Governor Moody in 1841 and are reasonably complete, although some were lost or damaged in the Town Hall fire in 1944 and the Secretariat fire in 1959. Previous to the erection of a purpose-built building in 1998 the records were stored in various buildings and departments which were often unsecured and not ideal. Fortunately the climate of the Falkland Islands is cool and dry and there are no insects which damage or inhabit paper.

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The Falkland Islands Government Archives building was purpose-built to meet the minimum requirements of the National Archives Standard for Record Repositories and was opened late 1998 to house government records. The Government Archivist, Jane Cameron was passionate about the history of the Islands and worked to ensure the preservation of Government records and to make them accessible to all. After her tragic death in 2009 the archives was changed to a national archives in 2010 and re-named The Jane Cameron National Archives in her memory. Tansy Bishop, who had worked alongside Jane since 2001, became the National Archivist and supported the development and management of the collection until she left the Archives in July 2023. Chloe Anderson-Wheatley was appointed Corporate Records & National Archives Manager in November 2023.

The Jane Cameron National Archives has continued to expand the collections and to ensure the preservation and accessibility of records held in order that maximum use can be made of them. The Archives attract researchers globally and deal with a wide variety of research requests each year along with providing a Reading Room for those that choose to visit in person.

The Jane Cameron National Archives ensure the long-term survival and easy accessibility of all those records most important to the history and administration of the Falklands and contain the records of British administration, Falkland Islands Company Ltd Stanley Office records and a wide range of other documents of family and academic interest.