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The civil administration was established at King Edward Point in 1912 and consisted of a magistrate’s office, customs office, radio station, meteorological station and post office.  From these offices, activities at the various whaling stations around the Island were supervised.  There was also a government naturalist stationed there together with the shore base and laboratories for the Discovery Expeditions. 


pdfSGA-BUI-1-1. Officers quarters South Georgia. Re-roofing and addition two rooms authorised.pdf2.06 MB

pdfSGA-BUI-1-2. Sale of hut South Georgia.pdf199.76 KB

pdfSGA-BUI-1-3. Repairs and maintenance of government buildings at South Georgia.pdf666.14 KB

pdfSGA-BUI-1-4. South Georgia works programme 1958-59.pdf603.67 KB

pdfSGA-BUI-1-5. Intercom telephone system South Georgia.pdf1.14 MB

pdfSGA-BUI-1-6. Miscellaneous works South Georgia.pdf552.32 KB

pdfSGA-BUI-1-7. New Discovery House South Georgia.pdf7.93 MB

pdfSGA-BUI-1-8. New Discovery House South Georgia.pdf4.69 MB

pdfSGA-BUI-1-9. New Discovery House South Georgia.pdf879.11 KB

pdfSGA-BUI-1-10. Proposed new house for A.O.pdf2.34 MB

pdfSGA-BUI-1-11. Proposed new house for A.O.pdf6.04 MB

pdfSGA-BUI-1-12. Proposed new house for A.O. Passages for artisans.pdf1017.12 KB


Civil Service

pdfSGA-PEO-1-1 C O Wood. Sending report about conduct of Mr E B Binnie Magistrate Sth Georgia.pdf305.37 KB

pdfSGA-PEO-1-2 Requests copy of further correspondence regarding letter alleged to have been written by Mr Binnie to the wife of Captain Stensholt.pdf166.63 KB

pdfSGA-PEO-1-3 Edward Binnie asks permission for his sister Mrs Lellman to stay with him in South Georgia and to reside in magistrates quarters.pdf221.27 KB

pdfSGA-PEO-1-4 Census South Georgia 1921.pdf112.41 KB

pdfSGA-PEO-1-5 Confidential reports on officers in South Georgia.pdf216.18 KB

pdfSGA-PEO-1-6 Appointment of Mr E B Binnie to act as Postmaster Magistrate.pdf1.43 MB

pdfSGA-PEO-1-7 Vacancy in the post of magistrate South Georgia recommendations for filling of.pdf348.39 KB

pdfSGA-PEO-1-8. Vacancy in the post of constable South Georgia.pdf3.67 MB

pdfSGA-PEO-1-9. South Georgia staff.pdf7.97 MB 

pdfSGA-PEO-1-10. Religious instruction at South Georgia.pdf137 KB

pdfSGA-PEO-1-11. South Georgia staff. Revision of salaries.pdf2.87 MB

pdfSGA-PEO-1-12. Visits to be made by A.O. while on leave.pdf557.19 KB

pdfSGA-PEO-1-13. Administrative arrangements South Georgia.pdf708.73 KB

pdfSGA-PEO-1-14. Administrative arrangements South Georgia.pdf2.39 MB

pdfSGA-PEO-1-15. South Georgia conditions.pdf1.32 MB

pdfSGA-PEO-1-16. South Georgia. Revision of salaries 1965.pdf1.87 MB

pdfSGA-PEO-1-17. South Georgia future of the administration. Withdrawal of government staff.pdf2.1 MB

pdfSGA-PEO-1-18 Mr Edward B Binnie termination of appointment.pdf257.97 KB

pdfSGA-PEO-1-19 Visit of Lieutenant Commander Alison to Stanley for the purpose of serving on committee to enquire into case of Dr F G W Deane.pdf941.99 KB 

pdfSGA-PEO-1-20 Pensions of officers serving in the Dependencies.pdf238.45 KB

pdfSGA-PEO-1-21 Inquiries received through the International Red Cross Committee.pdf188.19 KB

pdfSGA-PEO-1-22. Discovery House. Messing.pdf3.43 MB

pdfSGA-PEO-1-23. Leave and passage regulations.pdf328.5 KB


While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy the Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in these records.

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