The Colonial Annual Report for 1899 reported that ‘Telegraphic communications are received by post from Monte Video. There are not telephones in working order during the year.’

Recognising the importance of quick communication with Cape Pembroke Lighthouse, a telephone line was completed in 1898 however, the Colonial Annual Report for 1900 reported that ‘The only telephone is one from the lighthouse to Stanley, seven miles.  It had been out of order for years, but communication was re-established during the year under review, only, unfortunately, to be again soon interrupted, It is now under repair.’

In 1904 the observation was made that ‘The connection of the various camps or stations by telephone, as is done in Patagonia, would be of immense advantage to the community, and save much wear and tear of horses and men.’ 

In 1905 negotiations began between the Falkland Islands Government and the Falkland Islands Company Ltd for the erection of a telephone line between Stanley and Darwin. 

A telephone exchange was established in Stanley in September 1906 effecting communication between Government House, the Colonial Secretary’s office, the gaol, the Falkland Islands Company Ltd’s Crozier Place office, and Cape Pembroke Lighthouse.  The Stanley/Darwin line agreement was signed and was completed in November 1907 using imported wooden poles and a 100 lb per mile copper conductor working on a single wire earth return basis.  Other Camp lines soon followed with Vere Packe erecting lines from Stanley to Port Louis and Fitzroy in 1911.

1911 also saw the arrival of the necessary plant to erect a wireless telegraph station and this was erected during 1912 on the top of a ridge at the east end of Murray Heights and was officially opened 24 September 1912.

During 1915 a submarine cable was laid from Stanley to Montevideo by the Admiralty and was maintained and worked by a staff lent by the Western Telegraph Company.


Government Files

pdfTEL-GEN-1-1. Submarine Cable. Laying of.pdf458.11 KB

pdfTEL-GEN-1-2. Mr A Charles Walls order to Messrs Gamage for Wireless apparatus - actually N Charles Watt.pdf361.92 KB

pdfTEL-GEN-1-3. Telegraph cable broken.pdf229.64 KB

pdfTEL-GEN-1-4. Radio-Telegraphy Certificates. Examination of local candidates for.pdf204.72 KB

pdfTEL-GEN-1-5. Arrangements for WT communication between Stanley and Cerrito.pdf90.38 KB 

pdfTEL-GEN-1-6. Mr George Thomas Dean. Applies for permission to erect wireless telephony receiving and transmitting stations.pdf5.19 MB

pdfTEL-GEN-1-7. Regarding payment of Wireless Accounts at Monte Video.pdf3.19 MB

pdfTEL-GEN-1-8. Respecting direct Telegraphic communication with Punta Arenas.pdf1.02 MB

pdfTEL-GEN-1-9. Hon Henry Herbert Russell Gresham. Applies for licence to erect wireless telephone set.pdf2.17 MB

pdfTEL-GEN-1-10. Wireless Stations in Colony and Dependencies carrying out point to point services.pdf210.47 KB

pdfTEL-GEN-1-11. Sheep Breeders Assn. Requests that press news may be communicated by wireless.pdf2.05 MB

pdfTEL-GEN-1-12. Sheep Breeders Assn. Requests that press news may be communicated by wireless.pdf1.47 MB

pdfTEL-GEN-1-13. Emergency communication between suitable Colonial Wireless Stations and certain Naval Wireless Stations in United Kingdom - proposed transmission of test messages.pdf738.76 KB

pdfTEL-GEN-1-14. Direct communication between the United Kingdom and the Colony.pdf5.7 MB

pdfTEL-GEN-1-15. Enquiries to be held into the wireless and cable rates.pdf5.39 MB

pdfTEL-GEN-1-16. Revision of particulars furnished for inclusion in international lists in respect of wireless stations in the Colonies.pdf1.7 MB

pdfTEL-GEN-1-17. Radiotelegraphy. War restrictions on use of.pdf2.12 MB

pdfTEL-GEN-1-18. Reported misuse of privately owned wireless telephony sets in the Falkland Islands.pdf909.77 KB

pdfTEL-GEN-1-19. Post-war wireless telegraph communication.pdf3.41 MB

pdfTEL-GEN-1-20. Leakage of information.pdf368.04 KB

pdfTEL-GEN-1-21. Wireless Communications - Committee appointed to report on.pdf2.51 MB

pdfTEL-GEN-2-1. Proficiency certificates of WT operators.pdf838.25 KB

pdfTEL-GEN-2-2. Wireless Communications - Committee appointed to report on.pdf3.95 MB

pdfTEL-GEN-2-3. Wireless Communications - Reports and Action taken by Committee on.pdf10.96 MB

pdfTEL-GEN-2-4. External Telegraph and Telephone Tariffs.pdf274.94 KB

pdfTEL-GEN-2-5. Wireless Telegraphy. Commonwealth Telecommunications Conference.pdf408.34 KB

pdfTEL-GEN-2-6. W T circuit Falkland Islands to United Kingdom transferred from Cable and Wireless Ltd to United Kingdom Post Office.pdf110.34 KB

pdfTEL-GEN-2-7. Wireless Communications - Reports and Action taken by Committee on.pdf2.88 MB

pdfTEL-GEN-2-8. W T Government Rates.pdf786.94 KB

pdfTEL-GEN-2-9. ITU and Commonwealth telecommunications.pdf1.09 MB


pdfR-TEL-GEN-1-1. Rules relating to the Stanley Telephone Exchange 21st November 1916.pdf113.73 KB 

pdfR-TEL-GEN-1-2. Falkland Islands Government - Report on a Survey of the Internal Communication System of the Falkland Islands December 1972.pdf10.12 MB

pdfR-TEL-GEN-1-3. Falkland Islands Government. Report on Development of Telecommunication Services June 1984 - British Telconsult.pdf4.77 MB


Government Files

pdfTEL-GRA-1-1. News telegrams. To be sent weekly instead of daily.pdf117.32 KB

pdfTEL-GRA-1-2. Telegrams. Claim by the Western Telegraph company for sent from August 1915 to 30 April 1916. Suggested rates for telegrams over the Admiralty line.pdf3.38 MB

pdfTEL-GRA-1-3. Telegraphic News. Offer to send all from Monte Video. Query of present service satisfactory.pdf119.78 KB

pdfTEL-GRA-1-4. Mr R C Pole-Evans applies for registration of Telegraphic address Howard for Port Howard Station West Falklands.pdf414.07 KB

pdfTEL-GRA-1-5. Censorship of telegrams no longer necessary.pdf120.91 KB

pdfTEL-GRA-1-6. Proposal to close down Admiralty Cable and handing over of same to Colonial Government.pdf1.51 MB

pdfTEL-GRA-1-7. Cable to be kept in working order in case of emergency.pdf237.36 KB

pdfTEL-GRA-1-8. Telegraphic Rates. St Vincent to Stanley. Monte Video to Stanley.pdf249.61 KB

pdfTEL-GRA-1-9. Telegraph Office. Transfer to Town Hall.pdf637.32 KB

pdfTEL-GRA-1-10. Telegraph Office. Opening of on Saturdays and Sundays.pdf481.06 KB

pdfTEL-GRA-1-11. Engineer-operator. Asks if staff may send messages free of local coast tax.pdf381.37 KB

pdfTEL-GRA-1-12. Arrangements for delivery of Government and other telegrams on Sundays and Public Holidays.pdf149.98 KB

pdfTEL-GRA-1-13. Reduced telegraphic rate for sending telegraphic Xmas greetings.pdf1.34 MB

pdfTEL-GRA-1-14. Delay in transmission of telegrams to and from Sir Hubert Wilkins.pdf256.38 KB

pdfTEL-GRA-1-15. Telegraphic Service direct to England through Stanley care of T Station.pdf2.71 MB

pdfTEL-GRA-1-16. Reduction in rates for telegraphic messages to and from West Falkland.pdf261.41 KB

pdfTEL-GRA-1-17. Taking over by Electrical Department of the handling of wireless traffic at Stanley.pdf340.08 KB

pdfTEL-GRA-1-18. Method of telegraphing statistical information in Government telegraph code.pdf349.89 KB

pdfTEL-GRA-1-19. Telegraphic service between Stanley and West Falkland.pdf611.11 KB

pdfTEL-GRA-1-20. Correspondence regarding telegrams.pdf1.67 MB


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