Telegrams Inwards and Outwards (1915 to 1920)



Prior to the outbreak of World War I the Governor did not receive or send many telegrams so any telegraphic despatches were filed in the Despatch Books.   

By 1915 the large amount of telegraphic correspondence necessitated that the telegrams sent and received were bound together in their own letter book.  Two of these volumes were created covering the years 1915 to 1920 and are part of the F Series of manuscript books.

The indexes were created over a number of years by history graduates undertaking work experience in the Archives. 



pdfF59 - 1915 Jan-1918 Jun.pdf2.37 MB

pdfF60 - 1918 Jul-1920 Dec.pdf1.47 MB 



pdfF 59. Telegrams Inward and Outward - 3 January 1915 to 22 June 1918.pdf32.87 MB

pdfF 60. Telegrams Inward and Outward - July 1918 to December 1920.pdf19.24 MB




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