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The Falkland Islands Magazine (later called the FI Magazine & Church Paper), was started by Dean Brandon in May 1889. This monthly periodical is a comprehensive record of social history in the Islands covering notable events and a wide range of local news such as baptisms, births, deaths, marriages, bazaars, sports and shipping movements. Photocopies of some of the earliest Magazines are also held in the Community Library and the Museum.

Period Covered: May 1889 to December 1916.

Status: Incomplete set – missing June 1930-November 1932 inclusive.


pdfFIM 1889.pdf(17.96 MB)                                                 pdfFIM 1900 Apr-Jun.pdf(23.67 MB)                                pdfFIM 1910 Jan-Apr.pdf(35.48 MB)

pdfFIM 1890.pdf(35.77 MB)                                                 pdfFIM 1900 Jul-Sep.pdf(23.34 MB)                                 pdfFIM 1910 May-Aug.pdf(33.81 MB)

pdfFIM 1891.pdf(32.73 MB)                                                pdfFIM 1900 Oct-Dec.pdf(19.87 MB)                             pdfFIM 1910 Sep-Dec.pdf(38.57 MB)

pdfFIM 1892 Jan-Jun.pdf(17.14 MB)                                 pdfFIM 1901 Jan-Apr.pdf(28.67 MB)                             pdfFIM 1911 Jan-Apr.pdf(37.74 MB)

pdfFIM 1892 Jul-Dec.pdf(15.47 MB)                                   pdfFIM 1901 May-Aug.pdf(30.09 MB)                            pdfFIM 1911 May-Aug.pdf(37.65 MB)

pdfFIM 1893 Jan-Jun.pdf(24.23 MB)                                  pdfFIM 1901 Sep-Dec.pdf(38.67 MB)                             pdfFIM 1911 Sep-Dec.pdf(38.37 MB)

pdfFIM 1893 Jul-Dec.pdf(28.66 MB)                                 pdfFIM 1902 Jan-Apr.pdf(26.31 MB)                              pdfFIM 1912 Jan-Apr.pdf(34.84 MB)

pdfFIM 1894 Jan-Apr.pdf(23.17 MB)                                  pdfFIM 1902 May-Aug.pdf(32.18 MB)                            pdfFIM 1912 May-Aug.pdf(33.69 MB)

pdfFIM 1894 May-Aug.pdf(30.71 MB)                                pdfFIM 1902 Sep-Dec.pdf(65.08 MB)                             pdfFIM 1912 Sep-Dec.pdf(30.18 MB)

pdfFIM 1894 Sep-Dec.pdf(28.83 MB)                               pdfFIM 1903 Jan-Apr.pdf(67.2 MB)                                pdfFIM 1913 Jan-Apr.pdf(33.55 MB)

pdfFIM 1895 Jan-Apr.pdf(30.18 MB)                                pdfFIM 1903 May-Aug.pdf(54 MB)                               pdfFIM 1913 May-Aug.pdf(32.33 MB)

pdfFIM 1895 May-Aug.pdf(30.43 MB)                                pdfFIM 1903 Sep-Dec.pdf(48.17 MB)                              pdfFIM 1913 Sep-Dec.pdf(35.76 MB)

pdfFIM 1895 Sep-Dec.pdf(34.02 MB)                                 pdfFIM 1904 Jan-Apr.pdf(29.17 MB)                              pdfFIM 1914 Jan-Apr.pdf(42.83 MB)

pdfFIM 1896 Jan-Apr.pdf(38.5 MB)                                   pdfFIM 1904 May-Aug.pdf(40.54 MB)                           pdfFIM 1914 May-Aug.pdf(44.49 MB)

pdfFIM 1896 May-Aug.pdf(34.58 MB)                                pdfFIM 1904 Sep-Dec.pdf(51.66 MB)                             pdfFIM 1914 Sep-Nov.pdf(28.77 MB)

pdfFIM 1896 Sep-Dec.pdf(31.48 MB)                                 pdfFIM 1905 Jan-Apr.pdf(40.13 MB)                                 pdfFIM 1915 Jan-Apr.pdf(30.34 MB)

pdfFIM 1897 Jan-Apr.pdf(28.96 MB)                                  pdfFIM 1905 May-Aug.pdf(72.57 MB)                                   pdfFIM 1915 May-Aug.pdf(21.2 MB)

pdfFIM 1897 May-Aug.pdf(29.21 MB)                                  pdfFIM 1905 Sep-Dec.pdf(88.23 MB)                                  pdfFIM 1915 Sep-Dec.pdf(27.23 MB)

pdfFIM 1897 Sep-Dec.pdf(36.02 MB)                                   pdfFIM 1906 Jan-Apr.pdf(38.61 MB)                                   pdfFIM 1916 Jan-Apr.pdf(20.92 MB)

pdfFIM 1898 Jan-Mar.pdf(26.03 MB)                                   pdfFIM 1906 May-Aug.pdf(67.92 MB)                                  pdfFIM 1916 May-Aug.pdf(16.37 MB)

pdfFIM 1898 Apr-May.pdf(19.5 MB)                                     pdfFIM 1906 Sep-Dec.pdf(67.6 MB)                                    pdfFIM 1916 Sep-Dec.pdf(15.43 MB)

pdfFIM 1898 June.pdf(9.69 MB)                                           pdfFIM 1907 Jan-Apr.pdf(62.4 MB)                                     

pdfFIM 1898 Jul-Sep.pdf(30.33 MB)                                    pdfFIM 1907 May-Aug.pdf(64.41 MB)                                 

pdfFIM 1898 Oct-Nov plus Dec Cover.pdf(21.37 MB)        pdfFIM 1907 Sep-Dec.pdf(66.48 MB)                                   

pdfFIM 1898 Dec.pdf(4.77 MB)                                             pdfFIM 1908 Jan-Apr.pdf(68.14 MB)                                    

pdfFIM 1899 Jan-Mar.pdf(18.85 MB)                                   pdfFIM 1908 May-Aug.pdf(64.69 MB)                                 

pdfFIM 1899 Apr-Jun.pdf(25.62 MB)                                   pdfFIM 1908 Sep-Dec.pdf(47.27 MB)                                    

pdfFIM 1899 Jul-Sep.pdf(27.84 MB)                                    pdfFIM 1909 Jan-Apr.pdf(34.33 MB)                                    

pdfFIM 1899 Oct-Dec.pdf(28.01 MB)                                  pdfFIM 1909 May-Aug.pdf(38.67 MB)                                  

pdfFIM 1900 Jan-Mar.pdf(26.03 MB)                                   pdfFIM 1909 Sep-Dec.pdf(38.64 MB)                                    


Copyright guide:

These scans have been provided in good faith for users by the Jane Cameron National Archives on the basis that the newspaper publications from the 19th and early 20th century are out of copyright. Permission to upload from present date to 1933 has been given to the Jane Cameron National Archives however it should be noted that these items are still under copyright.

Whenever material from the Jane Cameron National Archives is reproduced in any form or in any medium, the user must acknowledge the Jane Cameron National Archives as the source and give all document references. For non-government records it is your responsibility as the user to ensure that copyright is not infringed and any infringement that does occur is your responsibility.