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When the seat of Government was moved from Port Louis to Stanley in 1845 the need for a new cemetery arose. Three acres of land were set apart for a cemetery and church and half an acre was set aside and fenced in as a general burial ground for the Settlement.

Early records do not give a lot of detail but the first burial in the new cemetery appears to be that of Jane BACHELOR, age 33 who died in Stanley from consumption and was buried 21 November 1845. She was followed by George BURNS, age 25 & from the USA, and John EDMUNDS alias NIBBS, age 27 & from Bristol, who went missing 20 January 1846 and whose drowned bodies were found 10 February 1846 at Whalebone Cove and brought in and buried 12 February 1846. The next burials were 8 month old Mary Anne WATSON, daughter of James and Mary WATSON, who died 1 July 1847 in John Street, Stanley and was buried 8 July 1847; William H BROWN, age 23 & a seaman who drowned while sealing and was buried 2 January 1848; Rosa MORATO or ROLON, age circa 27 from Montevideo who died from consumption and was buried 8 February 1848; Finias de White BRUCE, age 40 & a cooper from the United States who was buried 9 August 1848; and RUBERIO, age 55 who was buried 28 August 1848. Unfortunately no grave markers have survived for these people but they are likely to have been buried in either (what is now) Section E, C or D.

In 1888 the Cemetery was increased from East to West to 6 chains & 80 links (136.8 metres) and North to South to 6 chains & 50 links (130.8 metres). This photograph from 1890 shows Stanley Cemetery with a stone wall around it (the area walled was 136.8 metres x 78m).

Stanley Cemetery

This stone wall has been repaired from time to time over the years but still exists on the south of Sections E & Ei, on the north of Sections A & I and along the west of the Cemetery.

The original plan of the cemetery was destroyed in a fire at the assistant chaplain’s house in the 19th Century. In 1909 Governor Allardyce noted that there were a large number of unmarked and unattended graves in Stanley Cemetery. Starting in the north-east section he worked in a clockwise direction assigning each section a letter from A to I and numbering recognisable graves as he went. A register of graves was created with as many graves as possible entered. Burials from then on were entered in numeric order which is why the numbering in the sections is not always sequential.

In 1916 it was noted that there was a need to expand the cemetery as there were very few spaces left. Sections (from north to south) O, M, N, J, K & L were added. Burials started in Sections J, K, L & M from 1921 and Section O from 1942.

In the 1940s the Cemetery was extended again and sections (from north to south), P, R, Q & S were added with burials starting in 1943.

Alphabetical listing:

This database was originally created as a research aid for Archives staff and combines information from different primary sources. When looking up double-barrelled and hyphenated surnames check under both. Be aware of variations of spellings of surnames, especially foreign.


The following plans are for the earlier part of the cemetery and for ease of use have been set out in a grid system. It should be noted however that the cemetery is on an uneven rocky slope so in reality some graves are out of line due to the topography.

Paths are shown in tan, borders with other sections and hedges are shown in green, underground drainage pipes are shown in light blue and the stone wall to the south is shown in grey.


pdfAlphabetical Listing for Sections A to I.pdf(1.73 MB)

pdfCemetery Map showing Sections in Old Part.pdf(256.27 KB)


pdfCemetery Map with Text - Section A.pdf(220.76 KB)

pdfCemetery Map with Text - Section Ai.pdf(94.17 KB)

pdfCemetery Map with Text - Section B.pdf(108.75 KB)

pdfCemetery Map with Text - Section C.pdf(97.51 KB)

pdfCemetery Map with Text - Section D East.pdf(102.52 KB)

pdfCemetery Map with Text - Section D West.pdf(90.85 KB)

pdfCemetery Map with Text - Section E.pdf(109.52 KB)

pdfCemetery Map with Text - Section Ei.pdf(106.33 KB)

pdfCemetery Map with Text - Section F.pdf(95.94 KB)

pdfCemetery Map with Text - Section G.pdf(72.76 KB)

pdfCemetery Map with Text - Section H.pdf(87.55 KB)

pdfCemetery Map with Text - Section I.pdf(176.42 KB)


pdfConsecration of Stanley Cemetery.pdf(111.49 KB)



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