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From 1833 to current day the population of the Falkland Islands has always been culturally diverse. With some families now able to claim eight or nine generations the following family files show the origin of some of the early families who lived, worked and often settled in the Falkland Islands.

These files are not a complete representation of families in the Falkland Islands in the 19th century but are those researched by the Archives over the last 10 years.

To protect the privacy of people who are still alive some information has been redacted.

Another good source of information on local personalities is “The Dictionary of Falklands Biography” edited by David Tatham ISBN 978-0-9558985


pdfJAFFRAY Alexander and Margaret.pdf(938.07 KB)

pdfJARVIS FAMILY Thomas and Bridget.pdf(117.29 KB)

pdfJAY George and Daisy.pdf(112.04 KB)

pdfJENKINS James and Mary.pdf(53.63 KB)

pdfJENNINGS George and Jane.pdf(338.55 KB)

pdfJENNINGS Thomas and Louisa.pdf(133.25 KB)

pdfJOHNSEN John and Jane.pdf(172.83 KB)

pdfJOHNSON William and Anna.pdf(403.45 KB)

pdfJOHNSTON John and Margaret.pdf(112.91 KB)

pdfJONES John and Mary.pdf306.58 KB

pdfKELWAY George and Amelia and John George.pdf(501.47 KB)

pdfKIDDLE Noah and Mary.pdf(508.88 KB)

pdfKILLALIA Thomas and Elizabeth.pdf(261.14 KB)

pdfKING Frederick and Jane.pdf(213.06 KB)

pdfKING John and Jessie R.pdf(63.94 KB)

 pdfKYLE Andrew and Margaret.pdf(122.57 KB)

pdfKIRWAN John and Jane.pdf(182.95 KB)

pdfLANGDON John and Ann.pdf(186.73 KB)

pdfLANG Frank and Mary.pdf(204.11 KB)

pdfLANGE August aka POOLE Charles and Celina.pdf(240.05 KB)

pdfLANGE August aka POOLE Charles - papers relating to.pdf(3.88 MB)

pdfLANNING William and Margaret.pdf(172.83 KB)

pdfLARSEN Anton and Ellen.pdf(113.62 KB)

pdfLAURENT James family.pdf(123.2 KB)

pdfLEE Jacob and Emily.pdf(558.03 KB)

pdfLEES David and Harriet.pdf(197.75 KB)

pdfLEES John and Mary.pdf(165.84 KB)

pdfLEHEN John and Jane.pdf(580.14 KB)

pdfLELLMAN Francis and Ellen.pdf(432.5 KB)

pdfLEWIS James and Eleanor.pdf697.23 KB

pdfLEWIS James Henry and Jane.pdf182.12 KB

pdfLINDENBERG Karl and Annie.pdf(262.61 KB)

pdfLINNEY Albert and Louisa LINNEY Arthur.pdf196.38 KB

pdfLLAMOSA Jose GALLARDO Rosa.pdf(252.14 KB)

pdfLUXTON William and Mary.pdf(501.29 KB)

pdfLYNCH Michel and Mary.pdf(50.9 KB)

pdfLYNCH Thomas and Mary.pdf(173.46 KB)

pdfLYSE Obadiah and Harriet.pdf(280.71 KB)

pdfMAGUIRE (McGUIRE) Patrick and Duglis also Martha MAGUIRE.pdf(693.01 KB)

pdfMANNAN Henry and Ann.pdf(135.4 KB)

pdfMARTIN Alexander and Ann.pdf(120.05 KB)

pdfMARTIN Felix and Sarah.pdf(57.84 KB)

pdfMARTIN William and Leocardia.pdf(426.26 KB)

pdfMATHISON George and Alexandrina.pdf(111.21 KB)

pdfMAY Frederick and Harriet.pdf(172.28 KB)

pdfMcASKILL Donald and Catherine.pdf(182.02 KB)

pdfMcASKILL John and Kate.pdf(169.78 KB)

pdfMcATASNEY John and Ellen.pdf(175.72 KB)

pdfMcCALL Archibald and Jane.pdf(500.35 KB)

pdfMcCARTHY James and Selina.pdf(328.59 KB)

pdfMcCLYMONT James and Mary.pdf101.04 KB

pdfMcDONALD Angus and Christina.pdf(62.48 KB)

pdfMcGEORGE George and Agnes.pdf186.29 KB

pdfMcGILLOWAY Robert and Elizabeth.pdf(52.75 KB)

pdfMcGREGOR John and Bridget.pdf(112.42 KB)

pdfMcINTOSH Alexander and Mary.pdf(488.3 KB)

pdfMcKAY George and Barbara.pdf(176.75 KB)

pdfMcKAY George and Susan.pdf(51.83 KB)

pdfMcKAY John and Mary.pdf(118.55 KB)

pdfMcKENZIE Alexander and Barbara.pdf(333.44 KB)

pdfMcKINNON John and Anne.pdf(49.67 KB)

pdfMcKINNON Norman and Ann.pdf(250.54 KB)

pdfMcLAREN James and Agnes.pdf(122.89 KB)

pdfMcLEAN Hugh and Mary.pdf(113.23 KB)

pdfMcLEAN John and Mary Ann.pdf200.59 KB

pdfMcLEAN Meyrick and Harriet.pdf189.45 KB

pdfMcLEAN Peter and Catherine; Archibald and Agnes.pdf953.15 KB

pdfMcLEOD Alexander and Mary.pdf(114.95 KB)

pdfMcLEOD Angus and Elizabeth.pdf(610.4 KB)

pdfMcLEOD Norman and Mary.pdf(171.16 KB)

pdfMCLEOD Kenneth and Jessie.pdf(196.14 KB)

pdfMcNICOLL James and Isabella.pdf(683.29 KB)

pdfMcPHEE Donald and Sarah McPHEE Alexander and Letita.pdf(172.75 KB)

pdfMcPHEE Kenneth and Caroline.pdf(187.58 KB)

pdfMcPHERSON Lachlan and Mary.pdf(110.83 KB)

pdfMcPHERSON Peter and Jane.pdf(340.69 KB)

pdfMEIERHOFER John Martin and Rose.pdf(134.16 KB)

pdfMELVILLE Charles and Elizabeth.pdf(155.38 KB)

pdfMERCER Alexander and Mary.pdf(648.77 KB)

pdfMIDDLETON Stewart and Margaret.pdf(532.7 KB)

pdfMILLER James Willison and Jane.pdf962.28 KB

pdfMILLER Sydney and Julia.pdf(366.98 KB)

pdfMOLONY John and Rosa.pdf(116.08 KB)

pdfMOORE John and Caroline.pdf(115 KB)

pdfMORRIS John and Henrietta.pdf(112.73 KB)

pdfMORRISON Alexander and Ellen also Donald MORRISON.pdf612.1 KB

pdfMORRISON Evander and Ann.pdf252.24 KB

pdfMORRISON Findlay and Anne.pdf201.18 KB

pdfMORRISON Kenneth and Violet.pdf221.57 KB

pdfMORRISON Murdo and Mary.pdf180.04 KB

pdfMORRISON Roderick and Sarah.pdf(180.24 KB)

pdfMUNRO Roderick and Mary.pdf(135.4 KB)

pdfMURPHY James and CAREY Catherine.pdf(149.51 KB)

pdfMURRAY Christopher and Mary MURRAY John.pdf(141.99 KB)

pdfMURRAY Patrick and Mary.pdf(112.25 KB)

pdfMYLES James and Mary.pdf191.76 KB 

pdfMYLES Thomas and Elliot.pdf(174.78 KB)



While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy the Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any errors in these records.

Copyright guide:

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