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In a Proclamation dated 6 October 1847 Governor Moody passed Ordinance No 3 the Militia Ordinance for the formation of a Militia Force within the Colony.  He made known his intention to avail himself of the present dearth of employment to call out, organise and drill said Militia Force as easily as the terms of the ordinance will admit and the pay the Militia would receive while called out.


The Stanley Gazette of 30 December 1847 His Excellency the Governor and Commander in Chief hereby gives Notice that the Militia Force of the Falkland Islands will be divided into the following Corps formed by the undermentioned individuals.  Her Majesty‚Äôs Militia Corps of Horse consisted of a cornet, a sergeant, two corporals and sixteen privates under Lieutenant R A Williams.  The Artillery Corps consisted of one corporal and eleven privates under Sergeant Phillips. HM Militia Regiment of Foot consisted of an ensign, a sergeant, two corporals and forty privates.  [E2; 145-150]

On 23 October 1848 it was gazetted that the Militia Force of the Falkland Islands were required to meet at the Flagstaff near Government House on Monday 6 November 1848 at 1.30pm precisely and to continue until 6pm and that the rate of pay for each private would be 2/6 for the half day.  The officers were required to give their services gratuitously and no pay would be allowed to persons with permanent salaries from the Government Establishment.  The captain, chaplain and surgeon were called out, along with four lieutenants, two ensigns, a colour sergeant, four sergeants, two corporals, and forty one privates.  [E2; 188]

The Militia Ordinance No 1 of 1851 came into effect 1 February 1851


On 19 May 1854 due to the Crimean War a notice was issuing calling for every male Colonist above 16 years of age to meet the Governor on 20 May 1854 at 4.30pm to consider the best mode of protecting the Settlement.  On Saturday 21 October 1854 the seamen and marines of the ss Sharpshooter met at 1pm and performed alongside the Stanley Volunteers and the Military Pensioners in various manoeuvres.  The Crimean War ended early 1856.  [E4; 90, 97]

In June 1891 the Chilean steamer Maipo belonging to the Chilean revolutionary party and with over 200 fully armed soldiers and sailors on board called at Port William to carry out repairs.  Due to the perceived risk to the security of the Islands Governor Sir Roger Goldsworthy formed an armed body of volunteers called the Falkland Islands Volunteers with the first body of 37 sworn in at Government House on Monday 13 June 1892. An Ordinance to providing for the establishment of a Volunteer Force was enacted in 1893 as Ordinance No 5 of 1893.  [FI Gazette 1893; 16, 24, 42]

In August 1914 under Section 12 of the Volunteer Ordinance 1893 Governor Allardyce called out for active service every officer and volunteer belonging to the Falkland Islands Volunteer Force.  The FI Volunteers were mobilised to man military defensive outposts around Stanley during World War I.  They reverted to normal peace conditions 1 August 1919.  [FI Gazette 1914; 186, 194: 1919; 61]

Ordinance No 7 of 1920 an Ordinance to provide for the establishment of a Defence Force was issued 13 December 1920.  [FI Gazette 1920; 138]  The Falkland Islands Defence Force (FIDF) is still active today.

These files form part of the collection of Government Files held under Defence - FI Volunteers and FI Defence Force.  They have not been uploaded in any particular order but represent those scanned to date for researchers.

pdfDEF-FID-4-1 Dress uniform for the Falkland Islands Defence Force.pdf(3.23 MB)

pdfDEF-FID-4-2 Provision of machine gun shed at drill hall for equipment and machine guns etc.pdf(425.25 KB)

pdfDEF-FID-4-3 Proposed formation of a brass band in the Falkland Islands Defence Force.pdf(1.2 MB)

pdfDEF-FID-4-4 Falkland Islands Defence Force. Commissions in.pdf(3.88 MB)

pdfDEF-FID-4-5 Appointment of the very Reverend Dean H E Lumsdale to be chaplain to the Falkland Islands Defence Force.pdf(231.44 KB)

pdfDEF-FID-4-6 Erection of small lean to porch at outer door of FIDF drill hall.pdf(96.93 KB)

pdfDEF-FID-4-7 Regimental Colours for the Falkland Islands Defence Force.pdf(291.65 KB )

pdfDEF-FID-4-8 Falkland Islands Defence Force. Inspections.pdf(173.72 KB)

pdfDEF-FID-4-9 Falkland Islands Defence Force. Programme of training.pdf(2.95 MB)

pdfDEF-FID-4-10 Signal section F Is Defence Force. Strength and degree of training.pdf(247.1 KB)

pdfDEF-FID-4-12 Suggested appointment of a commanding officer for the Falkland Islands Defence Force.pdf(2.64 MB)

pdfDEF-FID-4-13 Award of long service medals to members of FIDF.pdf(1.53 MB)

pdfDEF-FID-4-14 Falkland Islands Defence Force. Courses in the United Kingdom.pdf(2.32 MB)

pdfDEF-FID-4-15 Falkland Islands Defence Force Club. Importations of liquors etc by question of treatment of as Government cargo for the purpose of effecting a reduction in freight costs.pdf(168.47 KB)


pdfDEF-FID-6-1 Proposed conversion of old reservoir into an ammunition dump.pdf(118.06 KB)

pdfDEF-FID-6-2 Requests nominal roll of European members of the Defence Force.pdf(1.33 MB)

pdfDEF-FID-6-3 Falkland Islands Defence Force arrangements for officering of.pdf(157.5 KB)

pdfDEF-FID-6-4 Falkland Islands Defence Force. General welfare grant made by the War Office.pdf(464.89 KB)

pdfDEF-FID-6-5 Release of Government officials for military service.pdf(346.82 KB)

pdfDEF-FID-6-6 Presentation of new standard to Falkland Islands Defence Force by citizens of Hull.pdf(127.79 KB)

pdfDEF-FID-6-7 Sale of intoxicating liquor by publicans to members of Falkland Islands Defence Force for consumption off the premises.pdf(151.59 KB)


pdfR-DEF-FID-1-1 Falkland Islands Defence Force Training Camp 1956 16th-28th March.pdf(1.2 MB)

pdfR-DEF-FID-1-2 Falkland Islands Defence Force Rifle Association. A Record of Events compliled by Les Gleadell.pdf(687.29 KB)

pdfR-DEF-FID-1-3 Falkland Islands Rifle Association 1992 - 2000 Compiled by J S Smith.pdf(1.62 MB)

pdfR-DEF-FID-1-4 Guidance on Camp Security.pdf(84.29 KB)

pdfR-DEF-FID-1-5 Standing Orders for Defence of Port Stanley 1916.pdf(3.17 MB)

pdfR-DEF-FID-1-6 Falkland Islands Defence Force Club Rules.pdf(289.76 KB)



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